Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Famous Five

So the list of unfinished projects stands at ten and I have moved five to the FOCUS list. Apart from a sneaky bit of work on my new brooches for autumn I am trying really hard to make progress on these five. The first was started on a two day workshop with Julia Caprara studying York Minster. It is large and neglected and needs some machine work, which isn't my forte but I have so much sketchbook work it seems a shame not to push forward with it. The second is the Water Lilly piece inspired by the hand spun wool I won in Knitz and Bitz giveaway. This is progressing much more easily and has now been under the embellisher and has some quite strong embroidery added to give some depth. I think this will be the next to be finished. The thread is a tiny glimpse of the secret project, I am working on this daily to try to meet the deadline and I really feel like I'm on the home straight- won't be able to show it in all it's glory for a while yet though! The fourth is a fabric Christmas garland. I have formed my fabric beads along the length of twisted cord I made (in March 2008!) and now have to add beads sequins and sparkly bits along the entire length to make it all festive and shiny. I have two more Christmas projects I want to finish for this year (ha!) so need to knock this one off first. The fifth and final project is a casket which I began after a residential course with Janet Edmunds around Easter 2004. Again this needs some machine embroidery- which I can't do- but as it has been kicking around for so long it is about time I killed it or cured it! I have also managed to mend three pairs of Wills trousers quickly when I had the machine out today so I do feel like I am moving forward. I need to finish two of these to allow my swaps to move to my FOCUS list so best pull my finger out!
So it's confession time what's lurking in your cupboards, and what's on your FOCUS list?
Next post I will show you some things I finished a while ago- just to show you (and me) that I can do it!


Pomona said...

I have so many unfinished things that I am embarrassed to admit to them! But I think blog confessions are the way to go, incentive wise!! All that embroidery looks very clever - way beyond me!

Pomona x

niftyknits said...

hmmm - very little unfinished knitting - though I confess I have abandoned "french onion seller meerkat" who needs his legs wired in favour of knitting "pilgrim father" meerkat this evening. I do have 2 or 3 little cross stitch pictures that are half done though. not remotely inspired to finish them, they were kits, presents from a few years ago.

karen said...

good luck with all this! I am jealous of your day with Julia Caprara, did she bring lots of stuff to drool over?