Friday, 4 September 2009

Coco the saviour

Yesterday was nearly altogether too much. For some reason this last day of the summer holiday almost finished me off. Simon has started his new job this week and after having him around all summer this has come as a bit of a shocker to all of us. I guess this is the way it will be from now on, I am pleased to say that he is really interested in his new job and although it may be a it early to say it looks like a good decision. I feel a little jealous though, never very attractive, I am loosing him to this new world, a world where I never really felt at home. I still have strong rebellious thoughts about my secondary school days and find myself raging against the machine when he tells me about his day- maybe time I got over that! Like I have said before I never would have tried to 'snare' a science teacher in my single days, isn't it weird how life sometimes deals you these things. I have read somewhere that girls end up with someone like their Dad and although my Dad wasn't a teacher it was obvious that he could have/should have been one and he has always done voluntary work with young people, maybe it's all coming full circle and like my Mum I will be walking down the street with people of all ages shouting 'Ello!' to my other half!

Anyway reading this back it does sound like this week had raised some issues for me huh?! I was very glad to see two good friends last night and go to see the 'Coco before Chanel' film at our tiny and very cute local cinema. The film was very elegant and I felt the acting excellent. It was interesting to see Coco's beginnings and how her creativity was a mark of her individuality and her novelty. But of course it was her huge success and probably her sanity in the darker times. The film was also a lot about kindness in a funny kind of way and how love will allow you to be yourself.
What a funny reflective post. I have added some photos of a finished piece of work. I started this bag at a residential weekend with Fay Maxwell. It is a version of the layered raggy bag but with a grid stitched across the layers of scraps and the top fabric and then with these cells being snipped back and stitched and beaded into place to reveal a myriad of colour. I was advised on the course that white should be avoided as it would kill the colour dead- so of course I wanted to rebel and use white. I get the feeling that Fay has had her rebellious moments so she didn't bat an eye lid when I disobeyed and this was the result. The bag now hangs on it's driftwood handles in Mum and Dads spare bedroom, because frankly it's a bit too nice for me!


Daisie said...

Nothing is too nice for you!

And I fell 'in love' with a beautiful science teacher in my school career, I saw him a few years ago and was sooooo disappointed! Maybe it was best you knew Simon before he was a teacher. Bet he's the nicest teacher in the world ('cept maybe mine)! Hope it continues to go well for him.

Have fun today. No twinges!


Jackie said...

I taught for a very long time. I should still be teaching. I know its different in Primary school but its still a job that consumes you and most of your free time. Not 9 till 3.15 as you will all learn.I hope it goes well for all of you.
I just needed to sit for about half an hour in a quiet space when I got home.

Griffin said...

Wot Daisie said - nothing is too nice for you... not even a science teacher! You've got one of those, now take that bag and be proud cos you made it.

Hope he has a giggle along the way with ther kids! I was rubbish at science, tho' I enjoyed chemistry (the chance to watch things go bang!) and I have always said that I will never end up with either a lawyer or a cardiologist... so far, hiding has worked really well for me!!

But he's a science teacher and you can't hide from them, they are very, very clever!

Pomona said...

Change is always difficult, and solitary domesticity is, too - but perhaps even the fact of writing about it all and articulating the issues will help you. It's what psychologists encourage in CBT therapy, so maybe you have hit on the best way to deal with it all, anyway! And if all else fails, can I recommend chocolate and knitting? They have helped me through many a personal crisis! If not, just come round for tea and tell me all about it!

Pomona x

niftyknits said...

great bag jen!

JuliaB said...

I quite fancied my maths teacher ..I'm sure things will settle down soon though as long as he doesn't start giving you homework!! LOVELY bag - so intricate. Must have taken AGES! x

Jenni said...

Maybe that's because all our science teachers were weird! Simon isn't going to make you stand on the table is he? x

karen said...

Simon's days of a peaceful trip into town or anywhere public are well and truly over! I can't go anywhere without hearing ''Hi Miss'' yelled from all directions!
You sound like me aswel, I didn't like school first time around but it is better from the other side of the desk!