Saturday, 2 January 2010

Week one- Waterlillies

So my weeks will be running from Sunday to Sunday. Unless I finish a piece I shall work exclusively upon it for one week and then move on. This is the first to be finished. I started the Waterlilies a while back and need to do a lot more stitching, the water is coming together but I need to add the Lilly pads and strengthen the willow. I think this will be achievable in one week and I then plan to stretch this and perhaps get it framed.
I have had a few people ask about the course in a little more detail. I should actually say that I haven't yet submitted my application form, so I hope they let me on! I am hoping to do my City and Guilds certificate in Stitched Textiles with Stitchbusiness. This company allows you to either attend classes at their studio in Durham or complete courses on line with optional face to face tutorials. I would have liked to work in an evening class but there just isn't one nearby so I am going to use this online course and the blog to try to get feedback on what I produce, so thanks in advance for supporting me!
I have visited a shop which was selling some of my scarves today and collected some stock. I also collected some money from them for sales over Christmas and walked straight into Clarks to buy two pairs of shoes for the kids. It was very useful in these post Christmas money conscious weeks! I wonder how much I will miss the buzz of selling what I make? I just can't see how I will have time to do it all. I guess it all comes back to what I said before about wanting to do myself justice and produce my best work.


Jackie said...

I remember this. I wondered what had happened to it! Well done on the progress. Its coming on nicely.

wonderwoman said...

it looks just lovely!


Lululiz said...

Seems a shame that you have to stop making and selling your beautiful creations, but the course is important to you, so I guess that has to take priority for a while.

liz said...

Hi Jenny, just revisiting a few blogs I used to frequent. Hope you enjoy the city and guilds, I did a one year embroidery course, a sort of prelude to the "big one", don't know if they still do that now. Good luck with it.