Sunday, 24 January 2010

Moving minster

This has been the first week of the year when I haven't actually finished anything so 17 projects remain on the to-do list. Am I glum? Not a bit! This piece has languished for five years and the fact that this week I have managed to move it forward makes me very happy. The machine embroidery on the apple casket gave me the confidence to free machine the blue carpet with a tendril /paisley pattern. I have also used black velvet ribbon to make the pattern on the flooring. When I come back to this I now know the next couple of 'moves', it isn't haunting me any more.
What is really nice is that his came about after a sketching day in York minster so I have a sketchbook of observations. Each element was observed from the minster itself and I hope because of this it will have a real feel if the place when it's finished.

When I do finish it though I will have to find a longer term hanging method than getting Will to hold it up.

This weeks project from the list is to clear my stock- the bed is covered in things to be photographed and listed on Folksy. I hope I can move on some bits and bobs to continue to clear the slate and free up some storage space for whatever I produce as part of the City and Guilds.

This blog usually isn't a food blog- except for the occasional birthday cake- but I have been given a cook book to review so tonight's tea will be the next post, along with a little review- of the dinner and the book! (unless I completely bugger it up in which case please be kind enough never to mention it again!)


Lyn said...

I don't seem to have moved anything along this week so well done!
am looking forward to your tea post later!

Jennifer said...

That's great that you have made some progress on it. Good luck getting your to do list done, I'm looking forward to your supper/book review.