Thursday, 21 January 2010

Good day Sunshine

I was so pleased to be awarded the Sunshine award by Simply H the other day.

This award is for bloggers 'whose creativity and positivity' inspires others. Which is a lovely thought but as I consider myself a pretty- 'why is my glass half empty- what rat bag drank my drink?' kind of gal- I wonder whether I live up to this one! A big thanks to Helen though as hers is another blog I read in awe and wonder!

I am meant to pass this to twelve other bloggers, I think I might struggle as I know this has already been given to some of my other favourites. Here goes then, twelve blogs which inspire me;

I am off to see the new Sherlock Holmes film tonight and watched Coraline last night, it is too cold and miserable for much more activity than sitting and watching! I really enjoyed Coraline, although an animation it's not a little children's film. It is pretty dark really and very clever, it certainly has lessons for busy parents and demanding children!

Hope you have something nice planned for the weekend.


niftyknits said...

I've avoided Coraline. I loved the book, and read it to Y4/Y5 classes several times. I can't imagine how they would transfer the darkness adequately in a cartoon, more so since seeing the posters. Thanks for the award!

Daisie said...

Not sure I'm very creative or positive at the moment and you've made me cry. Thanks for thinking of me. Can you have two, I know you'd be on my list of 12!?

Pomona said...

I am told the Sherlock Holmes is very good - I have always loved the books! And of course you are a little ray of sunshine to us all!

Pomona x

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the award, I am truly honoured. I love coming here to your blog, it's very inspiring. Hope you have a great weekend.

summerfete said...

Good day sunshine!

thanks for my award.

Hope you enjoy the film.


Ali said...

Thank you so much Jenny! I missed Coraline at the cinema because I procrastinated for too long about whether or not it would scare my kids. But I am determined to see it at some point!

karen said...

I got the Coraline DVD off father christmas but haven't had time to watch it yet, now I will HAVE to make time.

trasha said...

Gosh, thanks for the award Missus. I shall endeavour to live up to it.

Hope you enjoyed the movie, I hear tell Sherlock Holmes is looking particularly ripped during the fight scene ;-)

wonderwoman said...

thank you soo much for the lovely award - you are a star!!! hope you enjoyed the film, em and i have been trying to go and see it for the last 3 weeks- hopefully we can go this weekend!!!


Erin said...

oh gosh . . . I didn't even know anyone read my blog. I figured three of my friends checked in every once in a while. I did find some more junk recently though . . . thank-you.