Saturday, 30 January 2010

A place (mat) for everything

The weather has continued to thwart my plans for photographing my stock. There was snow in our garden this morning so definitely not a go-er for messing about out there setting everything up. I have progressed though and if there is a nice morning next week I will do a quick shoot. I have continued to work on another project and today finished a set of four place mats to use next Christmas time. The paisley fabric has holly on it and each mat is slightly different, I really liked making these and was planning a set for each season until I showed the first one to be finished to Simon. He raised his eyebrows and asked if I was joking. Apparently as our idea of laying the table involves throwing a random assortment of cutlery onto it Simon doubts that we will ever bother with place mats. Maybe he has a point (she said sulkily) but I refuse to give up on the idea that there might come a day when we have nice things that stay nice.
Next weeks project is 'minerals. I have a bag full of fabrics and threads in mineral colours and a gorgeous coffee table book from the library so am thinking this may be a mini series of bits and bobs. Firstly I am hoping to work on this base of sculpted felt, I have some space dyed grey scrim to be added next and then lots of crystal organzas to make the glinty bits- (sorry to any geologists!) I am looking forward to getting on with this, who knows next week I may have my list down to fourteen!


jennifer said...

I think the placemats look really nice. In theory I would love to do some placemats, but the reality is I would have to wash them every day as we still have too many spills with the little ones.

Lyn said...

Now thats what I call organised! Thinking of Christmas 11 months before, at least it won't be a rush, you just have to remember where you put them!

wonderwoman said...

your placements are just lovely and will look great on the table.


Sarah said...

and I thought I was organised! Great placemats. I love planning different projects - looking forward to seeing your next finished one!