Friday, 27 November 2009

Feeling festive

I am a little behind in my blogging, busy making for the start of advent! This is what I got up to last weekend, and I promise another post very soon, showing you what the lovely Mary sent for my paper bag swap.
So last Sunday I invited some friends to play, Pomona and Tabiboo
came over and we set to 'work' making decorations for the handmade tree which I'll be putting in to the Sandwich festival of trees. It was so nice to have their company, and the company of their little princesses, as we stitched away at felt trees and some yo-yos, we even got some assistance and artistic direction from the younger members of our gathering. I will need to do a lot more stitching before the 9th which is the gala opening of the festival, but I have now found a provider of the actual tree. I work with a girl who's husband has started his own fencing company and I asked if he'd like some advertisng as in 'Tree kindly provided by...' but as we chatted we came up with the idea of him making a tree from fencing materials. I have no idea what he will bring to the church a week Wednesday but I am so pleased that the tree will fit with the whole ethos of handmade. I have mentioned the tree here before and a couple of friends have sprung forward with kind contributions; Ann from Embroiderers guild made this dear felt heart, so beautifully crafted and the ever supportive and lovely Daisie sent her signature ice skates to display. If anyone else wants to send anything you are more than welcome!
I was surprised but obviously thrilled that my lovely guests came bearing gifts, I had drooled over Nina's crochet hearts on her blog and now have a set for myself! I am thinking of stringing these into a pretty garland. Nina also gave me the dearest felt key ring, this will appear on the tree before it gets added to my keys as I think it is so pretty it deserves to be admired by all. Pomona also treated me to a very lovely bag holding two jars of her homemade jam. I am a total jam monster and my lunch is very often jam on toast so I am very grateful for something special to spread over the festive period. It was so nice to see Pomona again and to meet Nina in person, I know I have said before but the blogging thing for me is about more than cyber relationships, although these are lovely, and letters, swaps and meeting up have all meant the blog seems more real. Thanks for making the effort to come over lovely ladies and for lending me your skills for the day, it is really very much appreciated. xx


wonderwoman said...

I love all your decorations they look brilliant! I love that when bloggers meet up they give gifts and you had some lovely ones! Isn't there something so special about having a handmade gift- i just think its fantastic.


Tabiboo said...

...and you are most welcome Jenny.

It was lovely meeting you too (and Pomona) my first ever bloggy get together.

Good luck with the fencing tree and I will hopefully pop over to have a look at some point - kiddies willing and all that malarky!

take care and have a lovely weekend,

Nina xxxxxxxx

Lyn said...

Wow what lovely goodies, the skates are so cute, are they paper clips for blades?
Have a lovely weekend.

Jennifer said...

Such beautiful things, and I love the idea of a homemade tree. How exciting! Hope it all goes well for you.

karen said...

you are so organised you put me to shame. I have done NOTHING yet for christmas, really must get a move on. x


Oh those trees are lovely, what a great idea, I have been wondering what to hang from my fireplace in the dinning room, and these little loveies my just be the answer!! A rummage through my offcuts Kx

Daisie said...

I so wish I was nearer, I'd love to come and stitch for an afternoon and I'd bring cake! x

Pomona said...

We really enjoyed ourselves - it was lovely to get away and sit making things, without feeling that I should be doing something else!

Pomona x

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