Sunday, 22 November 2009

Chim chim cherooo!

I have loved the paper bag swap organised by Contented. I have loved using Marys treasure to make something just for her. I have loved doing something new, and being able to spend as much time as I liked on hand embroidery without a single thought about whether it was 'viable'. Mary had made a bundle of some pretty buttons and the fabric looked the right tear drop shape for a jingle owl. I made lots of little treasures; a yo-yo keyring, and crochet brooch with covered button- (next years summer brooch?). I made a home from the brooch with a little draw string bag from a Kumiko Sudo book. I know I have raved about this author before but I never fail to find a pattern I want to try each time I have a flick through her books, and they always seem to turn out really nicely. Mum lent me the book 'The impatient patchworker' and I decided to be brave and attempt the zipped bag. I haven't set a zip for years, and have never even used my current machine zipper foot. I have to say it wasn't the easiest and I lost a needle but I was really glad I did it. I think there will be more of these little bags being made before Christmas. Mary had sent me some vintage embroidered table cloth and I wanted to make something really pretty from this so I added some more hand embroidery and some appliqued hexagons. The applique was new for me too and I decided to use iron on interfacing to make these. I had aimed to use every last scrap of the materials which Mary had sent but it all went quite along way so I returned some to her along with my makeys, a candlestick from the charity shop which seemed to match well, and some chocolate. Mary seemed pleased with her goodies, which is a huge relief as this is not my usual style, and now I am really excited to see what she made of the bag I sent her!
I have also asked Will to choose a number between one and nine for he 200th post draw and he said 9 so Karen will be getting the book- thanks to all of you who entered. Another review and giveaway will be coming soon!


Pomona said...

Lovely things, Jenny - I should think your swap partner will be over the moon!

Pomona x

Jennifer said...

You did such a great job, everything is beautiful. I love the little owl, how sweet.

wonderwoman said...

beautiful goodies, i'm sure your swap partner will be thrilled!


Simply H said...

Oh Jenny what lovely things you made! I especially love the little zip purse, it is gorgeous! Your swap partner will be very pleased I am sure x

Mary Poppins said...

Well your pretties are all packed ready to fly to their new home, apologies you drew the short straw with me ;) I did enjoy making for you, even though the beads and the velvet didn't like me very much at all ;)

Hugs and thanks for a lovely swap :)

Look out for Mr. or Ms. Postie


Lyn said...

Oh what gorgeous goodies!

karen said...

oh wow!! I'm so excited. What a suprise when I came in from work to my lovely things!! Love it,Love Love it,it,Love it,Love it,Love it,Love it! You have made a weary woman very happy!!

WendyCarole said...

love the things you havemade