Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dorset, how I miss you!

A while back I promised some pictures of my visit 'home' to Dorset and lots of other nice things have happened meanwhile which have stalled me. No more waiting because here are some pics from one of my nicest afternoons back 'ome. We went to see Uncle Ben, he lives in a gorgeous rural setting, and he and my cousin Roo, are two very cool, clever and funny guys. The Messrs help look after a nearby big 'ouse and we wandered up with them to feed the geese. We came across a tree with these amazing fruits. Leave a comment if you've know what they are, and please I'd love to hear from anyone who's actually eaten one!
Next we found that a grape vine up the back of the house was fruiting some seeded but very yummy red grapes and we each grabbed a bunch and wandered the grounds spitting pips everywhere. I have never eaten fresh grapes and having then still damp with rain was perfect!
Thankfully Roo remembered that the electric fence on the goose pen was still on before the children did and here Uncle Be puts my mind at rest by proving that it was indeed 'off'!
Dad helped t keep the kids happy without any further danger or damage (!) by helping them find massive pointy branches to jab at each others faces. Honestly if two adults tried that someone would be blinded in seconds, two children can stab each other for hours and the worst that happens is that a stick breaks.
I always love to see the Messrs and was reassured to see that the wood shed was full and that the bows of holly were bright and shiny and ready for feeding the birds through the winter ahead. I also scrounged some cooking apples as these guys have enough stored to keep all of Dorset supplied with apple cake for a year or two

I have also update my Folksy shop and have decided that I will list in series so I have a whole front page crammed with fairisle brooches.
Don't forget to leave a comment on my 200th post to be in with a chance of getting the book, I shall draw a name on Sunday.


Pomona said...

I really love Dorset - I think it is one of the most beautiful counties!

Pomona x

trasha said...

Much as I love to visit London I love getting on the train and heading back to Durzet the best.

Tabiboo said...

'Mmmmmmm' Dorset - our all time favourite place for holidaying.

I know it's a kind of apple - saw it on HFW earlier in the year, but have never tried one. Apparently it makes really food jam!

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

Lululiz said...

What a perfectly idyllic spot.

Mary Poppins said...

Thanks for sharing about such a wonderful place. I haven't stopped GULPING about sending your swap, after unwrapping yours ;)

Thank you so much Jenny

Have blogged about your wonderful things :)




wonderwoman said...

yep dorset is lovely - great pics Jenny.
p.s. thank you for the thank you!!!


JuliaB said...

Lovely post Jenny! Are those fruit quite peary? If so they may piri piri pears which make a DELICIOUS jelly (jam) - they contain lots of pectin and sugar so the resulting jelly jam is very sticky and gooey. Yummy!

Or they may be pear apples which are nice in a pie


Jenni said...

We miss you too, come back soon! x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I understand your love of Dorset. I lived in Affpuddle for 3 years in the 80s and absolutely loved it! I went back recently to reminisce and did a couple of posts on the places I went to.
There is something very special about Dorset.
Isabelle x

Primrose Corner said...

Gorgeous post - was to hard to leave?

dottybird said...

Think these fruits are medlars? and they need to be 'bletted'???sort of letting them go mushy? before they are made into jam never had it though but it's supposed to be great.
Take it easy old girl, from Sam

Jackie said...

How lovely it all looks. I have a hankering to visit Dorset again its been a long time.