Monday, 30 November 2009

Chocolate orange- yum!

Firstly Simon has very kindly switched my browser to 'Chrome' so I now have no idea how to move my pictures around- but there are definite advantages- like spell checking on the comments I leave, which, as this keyboard is a bit knackered will be very useful!
Secondly LOOK AT MY TREASURE!!!! Mary is a complete genius! I sent Mary two fat quarters of fabric and some spangley bits and pieces as part of Contented's paper bag swap. I genuinely love this bright and loud fabric but as Mary is such a classy bird I thought it might give her palpitations. I need not have worried, Mary has taken my fabric turned it upside down, inside out, and into the most amazing array of lovely treats. The expectation ad excitement is my only excuse for the pictures taken on the ironing board in very poor light. I genuinely couldn't wait to get inside those gorgeous brown packages. It is always a good sign when a swap parcel contains sweets and chocolate, I want it noted as a rare moment of self control that I didn't open the rest of the parcel whilst chomping on love hearts! The parcel also smelt divine, both the froggy and the mini cushion are scented. The mini bunting is very beautifully crafted and the padded hanger is too, honestly Mary has managed to make this fabric look quite sophisticated! The brooch is particularly gorgeous, I know the brown velvet I sent resulted in a few headaches and swear words but using it in this way fr the brooch is inspired- and inspiring- I have now decided on my Christmas day outfit based on my yearning to accessorise with this beauty. There was also some very understated gifts, some subtle fragranced soap and a rather lovely bracelet in a mauvey grey. I am so very grateful for my lovely presents.
I have also managed to get my advent pockets complete ready for tomorrow so will show and tell that in my next post.


Jennifer said...

Everything looks fantastic, what a wonderful treat.

Rachel said...

Lovely goodies! Thanks again so much for taking part in the swap, I'm pleased you enjoyed it!
Rachel x

Pomona said...

I do like a nice parcel! And thank you for your lovely parcel today - the things you make are so beautiful, and thank you so much for the little bag - so clever, and you know my feelings about buttons ... !!

Daisie said...

Lovely goodies!
And, sad as it is to admit, I rather love your ironing board cover!!

wonderwoman said...

wow what gorgeous goodies, lucky you!


Jackie said...

Now who hasn't used an ironing board as a backdrop?
Nice and flat..
Your blog is always so full of lovely goodies and pleasure of giving and receiving.

Jacky said...

What delicious fabric!!! I love the gifties that Mary has made for you.

Jacky xox

karen said...

lots of goodies there you lucky thing! have you tried photographing your work on a large piece of bright white card, it sometimes helps.x