Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The black venetian

I have a new mysterious and glamorous pal- she pretends not to be but in my book anyone who chooses black for their favourite colour in a swap has a certain panache! Yes Michela has now received the parcel I sent as part of Lululiz rainbow swap. Lululiz designed a really good questionnaire to give us lots of extra information about our partners so that is why there is also a fair amount of orange and yellow in the parcel, there was also a spending limit set which made the whole thing a very pleasurable swap. I made quite a bit for the swap- some more painted notelets and a button ring, but also a bag from a tea towel I had picked up at a Lifeboat stall. I would love to make more vintage tea towel bags and need to trawl some charity shops, and some Aunties kitchen drawers! I also made my first Jingle Owl- these are so cute that I have ordered lot more little bells from E-bay to make some for the Christmas tree. Part of my budget was spent on a little vintage posy ceramic, some chocolate and some mascara but I also commissioned Dad to turn a special pot. Michela lives in Venice and Dad was keen to make an architectural pot and he finished the wood in black and yellow. It was great to make a really family swap parcel, and when I read Michelas' thank you email out to my parents over the phone I got the feeling my Mum even wept a little!

A big thanks to Lululiz and Michela for giving me so much pleasure in putting this parcel together.I had so much fun that I have decided to put together swap style boxes for my parents and brother and sister in law for Christmas. Next post I will ave my October Folksy purchase to share and also I'll show you what I won last week on a blog giveaway.


Griffin said...

The Black Venetian? Wait I have a better idea my lord, how about The Black... Adder?!

I love that architectural pot. Ooh and Hotel Chocolat chocs!! I am impressed that you only got that little lot. I go in there and spend over £20 without realising it!! But then I am Griffin and I am a Chocoholic... milud. And would like several other counts of naughty chocoholism taken into account too... sigh!

Pomona said...

I saw this on Michela's post, too! I think the Rainbow swap has been really successful - I love the idea of a colour theme. The Black Venetian does sound rather sinister and dramatic - it conjures up visions of masques and dominos and all sorts of shenanigans!

Pomona x

Michela said...

Hi Jen!
I'm so glad you're posting such bright and glorious pictures of your beautiful gifts! I'm sorry, but as written in my post, we're having an awful weather this week and the light at home is very dark.
My pictures didn't do justice to your Dad's work, it really represents a bell tower, the only one in Venice in Byzantine style.
Oh, and it was lovely to know the history of each bit!
Thank you once again to you and your thoughtful Dad!

P.S.Many thanks to Mr Griffin for his very comment.

niftyknits said...

wow. lovely items ;-)

JuliaB said...

I love that pot! And being the proud owner of one of your dad's gorgeous little pots, I just know how much more gorgeous that black pot will be in real life. I am very jealous!!