Thursday, 26 February 2009

Well swap my button!

I have now heard that my swap partner has received the parcel I sent for the Phat sheep button swap so I can show you what I sent;

This swap was a real challenge for me as I have never made buttons before but I signed up because it's good to do something a bit scary once in a while. When I was told who my swap partner I was even more nervous. Namolio has an amazing Flickr album and Etsy shop and I tried to make things that I thought suited her style.

Firstly I ordered some Fimo in a pearl effect, Anna then 'helped' me make some rounds to push some natural items into, shells, wood, wicker all leaving different impressions. Then I went on to make some little leaf shapes, perhaps not such practical buttons but I was pleased with them none the less.

Next up I decided some knitted flowers were in order-they are my signature after all. It doesn't show in the picture but this wool is very gently variegated so these poppies are all slightly different. I then tried my hand at making fabric covered buttons- I like it! These were done with black velvet but I'm sure soon I will have made dozens of silly ones. Finally I made a brooch-it's what I do-I tried to keep it subtle, relying on shape and texture rather than colour. I threw in some colour co-ordinated treasure and a packet of chocolate buttons, naturally, and posted it all off. Thanks Phat sheep. I really enjoyed the challenge of this swap and as soon as my parcel arrives I will show you what I received. Next time I will post another giveaway book as obviously you guys like the Richard Box one about as much as I did!


Daisie said...

Am really loving your buttons, they're fabulous. I seem to have missed this button swap altogether but keep seeing lovely ones shown on the blogs I read. Am thinking maybe I should have a go and just swap them with myself!?

driftwood said...

wow, those are some really impressive buttons! lovely xx

Sandi said...

You're buttons turned out lovely!! What a beautiful swap you put together for your lucky partner!! I've made clay buttons but don't knit or crochet so I depend on my mother to provide me with little bits for buttons and embellishments. The brooch is really classy!

Tip Top said...

Very impressive buttons!! Wow!!!

Primrose Corner said...

I love your buttons. The brooch is gorgeous. You've created something special for your button swap.

calicodaisy said...

Those are really beautiful! I love the brooch.

Jacky said...

Your buttons are beautiful, very individual and a lovely personal touch to make your own...clever girl.
Love the other crocheted buttons too, they are are so cute.

JuliaB said...

oooh! how do you knit flowers??

I sent my swap off on Friday. I hope it gets there soon, but it was heavy so I had to choose the surface mail option!

I received my box today and was overhwelmed! Have to write my thank you tomorrow (or later) .. VERY amazing box!! took me ages to find the mug!!