Friday, 20 February 2009

Postmans knock

Well, aren't I lucky? The postman has been again and on valentines day I received this amazing package which was a valentines giveaway from WildCat designs. I peeked into the jiffy bag to spy lots of tissue paper wrapped parcels. All beautifully themed in romantic colours. The little organza bag held a cute felt butterfly and some chocolate balls...yum. There was a lovely felt heart greeting card. Next I spied the tiny and gorgeous wool heart brooch. The tissue parcel was next and one of Wildcats trade mark skinny, stripey, lambswool scarf! It is just gorgeous; half jewelry half scarf.

So a massive thanks WildCat, my other valentines gift was a can of WD40, in case you were wondering, so this lovely parcel was even more appreciated!

I had another lovely surprise with an award from a new blog; Primrose corner gave me this;

Thank you, very much. It is really nice to get awards and know that someone likes visiting here. I have had this award before but I too have picked up a few new Blogs to my feed roll so I'm passing it on to;
For what is Chatteris? Exquisite cutting and printing, with humour
Aunt Pitty Pats. If you need t laugh out loud and read jokes out to your family.
Art4Sol. For 'real' embroidery and genius design.
It's also well worth having a mooch around the blogs of the mug swappers. These are all really nice people and I've made some ace new friends through this swap.

Finally a big thanks to Jude's son Gareth for sending the stamps for the books I posted. (He has the nicest writing, I suspect he may be a hottie!) This has meant it's time to post the next book. This is a good step-by-step book from a well known artist. All I would say is that it's a bit 'one trick' and depends on the user having a good deal of skill in draughtsmanship. If you would like it, it's yours-you just need to be; first to ask for it, in the U.K, and be prepared to post me back in stamps whatever the postage cost has been to me so I can continue to clear my book stash.


Indigo Blue said...

My mug swap parcel arrived this week and I have blogged about it if you want to come and have a peek.

Cat said...

Glad you liked your goodies & that they arrived on the appropriate day!! :)