Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Book a place in my heart

Things are a bit 'exciting' around here at the moment. On Monday Simon heard that he had got the voluntary redundancy that he had asked for. This might seem totally crazy to many, with the current economic climate and un-employment soaring, and to be honest when I type that I find that I can't really breathe. But we thought Simon might be made redundant a few weeks back and when his name wasn't on the list we were both a little disappointed, sometimes it takes something like that to shove you into action! S has been in the same job for 11 year now and although it has served him and our family well he is frankly bored he's a very clever chap and boredom doesn't sit easy on him so the big plan is for him to re-train as a teacher, no danger of boredom there! It's a pretty exciting time for us as I say, but that breathing thing?- sometimes I just can't seem to do it.

I need to DO something when change is afoot, something positive and physical and this is really where the big book clear out has come from. I need to clear some space for all the files etc that are going to come with Simons course. I cleared 60 books from my shelves over the last few days- quite ridiculous. I can't keep posting them out one by one, apart from anything else it would cost a bomb! So there's a new deal on the table; If you would like this book I will post it to you, all I ask is that when you receive it you post me back stamps to the value of the postage cost shown on the package. Therefore this book would cost you whatever it costs me to post it plus a stamp. This would obviously not work for oversea visitors, sorry. If you see something you'd really LOVE perhaps we could come to some other arrangement.

Finally, and I'm sorry-that really was a silly-long post here is another bit of valentine adornment. These hair ties are in my Folksy shop, but if they don't sell I shall really enjoy wearing them myself on the big day.

Hope you are all well and happy and breathing! xx


Jude said...

Exciting news about Simon, what will he be teaching? I wish him the best of luck. I've sent you an email.

smilemonsters said...

I wanted you to know that I recieved my Fabric Flowers book in the mail yesterday. Love it! Also love the little note you included. What great handwriting you have! So let's do this.... an IOU. Cash in when you like! I mean it. I would love to send you something. Because giving is just as fun as receiving. :)


Tip Top said...

Yeah about the news! I was made redundant 8 and a bit years ago and its the best thing that ever happened!! So good luck to you all for the future!

And fab valentine stuff!! Very lovely!

Indigo Blue said...

Redundancy was hanging over my husbands head for a year so when it finally happended last February we were relieved! We decided to grab the chance to make some family/ life changes and he is self employed, works from home and travels to clients when he needs to. He works in the boat industry as a designer and is doing very well indeed. We had a chance to change things for the better. Training to be a teacher!! I have been teaching for 14years! Best of luck Simon it is not an easy job, is as unappreciated by people as it is rewarding to the individual. Email me if I can help in any way.

Swirlyarts said...

Oooooh - I used to be a teacher. What is he going to teach? I've just given away my teaching books in the last couple of months which is a shame but if I find anything and he is going to be teaching at primary level then you can have it :) Also is the book in the post on offer?? Cos it looks very interesting if it is!

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness...I hope he enjoys re training...and teaching.

Jacky said...

You are so generous offering these books in return for stamps!!!
Wish I lived in the USA...this looks like fun.

Your brooches and hair clips are gorgeous and vibrant.

Good luck to Simon with his new venture. Very exciting time for you both!

JuliaB said...

Jenny what fantastic news, how very very exciting!! i saw something on your FB status, but didn't like to ask - wish I had now!! I really am very excited for you all. I think that sometimes these 'adverse' times can bring about change in such a positive way - this can only be a good thing. Good Luck to Simon! Teaching is a job for saints as far as i'm concerned, what a brave man! You must be so proud of him! xx

saraeden said...

The book has arrived and it is great , i am going to get my girls reading it when we are on half term !
Thank you soooo much !

Good luck to Simon as well , i am sure he will love teaching 1

Sara x

Sharon said...

Very exciting! Mr.M retrained as a history teacher 5 years ago, he was a button salesman before that (honest!) It was really hard work, but worth it, he loves it, especially the snow days!!
(If Simon needs any advice your welcome to ask Mr.M)

karen said...

I wish you all so much luck with your plans...a teacher...he must like hard work!