Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Book giveaway, needle felting and lent

Right, well I think that title just about covers it! Here is the second look at the current 'up for grabs in the U.K in exchange for stamps' book. My last post was quite full and this was tucked at the end so I'm hoping if I put it up front someone might take it off my hands!

Saturday was the embroiderers guild again and this time it was 'corners' code for 'have a go yourself'. Lovely Sam was showing us how to make a needle felted flower brooch. Needle felting, if you haven't had a go, is a really nice technique and incredibly versatile. The flower was made by laying a card template on top of a stack of fleece fibres, this is then repeatedly stabbed with a barbed needle. (If you stab your finger by mistake it really b***dy hurts) The more you stab the firmer your shape and it is possible to make frames with pipe cleaners to create 3D objects. The star and hearts were made inside a pastry cutter and I have now been through my cutter collection and found all manner of Easter shapes. It is not clear in the picture but the star has a sprinkling of Angelina meshed into it which is lovely. I can think of so many uses for these shapes and think I have found a new direction to explore.
I am a fickle little crafter and do get my head turned very easily. Mum and Dad will be sleeping in our Dining/craft room this weekend and I do feel sorry for them. They may be buried under a landslide of ribbons! Anyway today being shrove Tuesday, (tummy full of pancakes-yummmm!) I have decided to give up buying materials for Lent. There I have committed. I wonder if anyone else fancies joining me? Perhaps we could have a button and allow swapping amongst 'lent lend' bloggers. We could also perhaps each use our stash to make a little Easter treat for each other? Let me know if you fancy it.
For all you mug swappers don't forget the end of the week sees our posting deadline. I have seen some gorgeous parcels arriving on other blogs. Thanks again for taking part.


twiggypeasticks said...

Hi Jenny
I've given up buying all crafting materials and crafting books for Lent, it's getting out of hand. Would love to join in a little Easter swapiness, as long as chocolate will be included of course :)
Twiggy x

Jackie said...

Sorry..can't be done!
But good luck. Great idea.

L @ R & M said...

lovely!!! :)

Thanks for the comment on our blog too.