Friday, 13 February 2009


I've had some lovely post this week and there's more to come....Hooray! Firstly I received an envelope from Marmaladekiss stuffed full of old bible pages. I have been thinking lots about the Bush fires and have decided my first project will be some cranes from this paper, a kind of memorial. I had been thinking this week a lot about how to do something positive for those affected by the fires and was very worried about one particular new blog friend who, thank goodness, is fine. If, like me you feel so moved to do something you can go here to take part in a raffle or here to make some quilt blocks. There is loads more going on in Blog land, lots of ways to show solidarity and help out.

I also received a package yesterday from SaraEden who has been clearing out her wool stash. I was lucky enough to receive these gems which will be brooches and hair clips before you can say 'thankyousara'
On the giveaway front I have posted out the book I featured last time and once I get the stamps back a new title will be featured here for the next taker. I hope this continues to work well as I am constantly tripping over the box on the dining room floor!
I have been very excited to see that the first mug swap has arrived-don't worry guys you don't NEED to send until the end of the month- Tiny White Daisies has received her lovely parcel and pics are up on the Flickr group. I know there are more parcels out there in the hands of our valiant post men and women so lets hope more people get some lovely post this weekend!
So HAPPY VALENTINES one and all, here's sending you lots of love and kisses and hoping that you are feeling the love, through your letter box (not a euphemism!) or otherwise!


Kitty said...

Your postman brings you stuff as lovely as the stuff my postman brings me!!

I posted off my mug swap last week - not sure how long it'll take to get there though. Fingers crossed it's not too long.


trashalou said...

Hi there! Thanks for your email. I have tried to respond via email but my computer seems to not want to speak with the links so excuse me crashing the comments.

Thanks for the linky love. I have started 'folding the tickets' and will email people over the next week with their numbers. Good luck :-)