Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Off to buy a lottery ticket!

I won again! Could this be a streak? (should I do a celebratory streak?) Swirly was having a clear out and invited takers for her tinselled bits and ribbon from Ikea. (hmm maybe I could do a partial streak, dressed only in wired organza?) The children were so excited to see a parcel, I tried to explain that it would just be ribbon for mummy and that there would be nothing for them but they saw the cartoon chickens and were not convinced that there wouldn't be something lurking inside and THERE WAS! Just look at those cute knitted bags/disguises. (We were all so excited I took pics without checking for in shot junk!) There were extra treats for me too, a notebook, badges and stickers. Just a massive thank you again for my goodies, and for your thoughtfulness Swirly. Three little days well and truly made! xx (by the way don't panick even Simon hasn't seen me naked and upright since the 90's!)


Daisie said...

We've just been looking closely at your pics; you have naked floors like us, Ikea chairs like us, lots of books and thnigs on the mantel that probably shouldn't be there. Did you break into my house for the photo shoot?! The walls are evn the same colour, spooky!!
Lynsey gave my girls knitted bags ages ago, they too wear them on the head with the strap under the chin, what style icons our children are!!

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!! Fantastic! She is a generous girl is Swirly and very lovely too!!

Well done on the win!

karen said...

Well done you!! Please buy my lottery ticket whilst you are there! and those kids are adorable!!

Griffin said...

Cartoon chickens are a dead giveaway! Your kids are sweet and clearly very smart.

Lucky kids... and lucky you. Tho' glad you decided against streaking as you are liable to get arrested and Simon will laugh and you will never hear the end of it!!!

Notebook is good, now you can draw stuff and write pomes. Tho' maybe you could make a dust cover for it...

Daisie, clearly you and Jenny are sharing the same house without realising it!

Swirlyarts said...

Oooh yeay!! I like seeing the bags used as disguises - maybe a new marketing scheme there? I'm glad I made your day :)