Sunday, 27 July 2008

Random facts tag.

I've been tagged by Daisy! And so I have pasted the rules for this tag and added a random picture of Will and his 4th birthday party and will have a go, because it's Sunday and Daisy's really made me chuckle! 1. Link to the person who “tagged” you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when you have answered.
Right here goes;
1. I don't know my left from my right and failed my first driving test because of it.
2. I was a Sunday school teacher for a good few years. (have lost the whole idea since)
3. My fingers are double-jointed and bend backwards in a really freaky way.
4. I believe that people who die leave an imprint and maybe sometimes people pick up on it. It bothers me that I believe this as I now feel uncomfortable with any ccncept of 'the soul'.
5. I used t be able to turn my tummy button inside out-(now I struggle to find it)
6. I love drinking pints of bitter, which was acceptable in Dorset but in Kent gets you funny looks, or two halves!
I would like to tag; Karen, which is frankly cruel because I know she is quite a private person. (have I introduced you to my dark side?) MarmaladeKiss; she's on holiday and when she gets back she may want a break from the washing...or rinsing out her bikini! Fan my Flame, I've just discovered this Blog and am intrigued. Florence, she hasn't posted lately and I'd like to know she's well and happy. Felting in Fibrespace, another new discovery, just huh? And finally the ace Juicy Fig, if you hurry you can take part in her giveaway. Phew.


Gina said...

Thank you Jenny... I have done this one before which I even combined with some embarrasing photos of myself! I might be tempted to do it again... or might just resurrect the old post! I'll let you know. Good to have found you!
Gina x

Griffin said...

Coo, thanks for that link to Karen. She's an amazing craft worker... and I LOVE embroidery thanks to seeing Cashmere shawls!

Of course you can see your belly button... that's what mirrors are for!

I only have a double-jointed left thumb... your complete double-jointedness is soooo impressive.

silverpebble said...

Hello Jenny - thanks for dropping by silverpebble today. Glad you liked our massive teapot - a bit rustic but we love it.

Double jointed? This was a highly prized physical attribute when I was a nipper. Bendy!!

Your foray into farmer's markets sounds great to me - they can be a bit hit and miss. I've done a couple and I suppose jam, pork and other nosh goodies are the staple purchases so any craftiness bought is a bonus. By the way - do you make button rings? Want to see! Off to scroll down to try to find a pic. Emma x

Florence said...

Thank you for the tag, Jenny! I was on holiday...and had slowed to snail pace in the weeks preceeding our holiday - thank you for your concern. x