Saturday, 26 April 2008


An award, how lovely! From the fab Daisy, (who's had a literally poo week so let's all cheer her up!) just to prove how lovely she is; when Daisy made me this award I had to mail her to ask her how to get it on my Blog and she didn't call me dumb ass or anything! I think I'm meant to now declare my undying love for five of my bestest Blogs ever (please someone tell me if I'm getting this all wrong!) Right her goes.....I love popping in to gasp at Karen's Contemporary Embroidery, gain inspiration from Incy Wincy, encouragement and more inspiration from Snapper and the Griffin, chuckle at the silliness of Ethel and Edna (and admire her softies), enjoy the down right niceness of Purple and Paisley (she's a bit lovely-mad too.....hurray!). That was really difficult! I have 48 blogs on my delicious list and I think some of them are just so totally perfect in every way that I just spy on their beautiful lives. Am I a pervert? So if you are on this list it is not because you aren't equally perfect and beautiful but maybe that you are just very friendly and approachable with it!


incywincy said...

Thank you so much Jenny. x
You have just made my day :o)

... Did you get my emails btw? About Etsy header images?

purple and paisley said...

you are the sweetest and i am so happy you tagged me! thank you so much! you are such a doll to pop in to my blog all the time...i feel absolutely horrible that i don't always comment on yours when you comment on mine, but i always check in to see how you are! thank you so much, my friend! =)

incywincy said...

I sent you 2 emails with images attached last month??? Very strange!

I've just emailed you again, so let me know if you get it/don't get it.

karen said...

Hi Jenny. Thanks for the lovely award. I really appreciate all the great things you say about my work. Now I will get a headache trying to think of 5 people, not sure I should thank you after all!!!!
Only Joking,I really appreciate it, Karen

Joanna Butchart said...

hi new to your blog and am laughing that one of your interests is In the Night Garden. I thought it was just me. well done for the award

Griffin said...

Purple and Paisley said it. You are utterly wonderful and I am slightly nervous that you tagged me... what if I'm not all that good really? What if I don't inspire you... what if... what if...?!!?!

I love to see your work, which makes me want to have a go except that I make as good an embroiderer as I do a rocket scientist... sigh.

I also like incywincy too... oh, would I were that good! Sigh, back to the writing... I have novels to finish (ideally before the end of this century) and short stories and... on top of that I wish I could make costume and embroider and such. I salute you o embroidering one - if anyone should get an award it's you.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Thanks SOO much. What a fab surprise when I got back home. :0)