Friday, 25 April 2008

Peruvian pouch

I have been experimenting with knitting with and felting tapestry wool again and have come up with this little pouch. I knitted some basic fair isle patterns in a strip about twice as long as it was wide and then lost a stitch at each end of each right side row to get a point. I ran it through the embellisher ad then bunged it in the wash. After going through the embellisher a bit more (and eating TWO needles!) I embellished up the sewing required. I just need to add some sort of antique silver south American type bead things and maybe a tassel or two and I'm away. This really is kind of tiny so I might pop some lavender or jewelry in it. I came across huge amounts of green tapestry wool so might make a larger more usable version, and hope it's easier on the machine!

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