Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sprinkle it with sparkle!

Wanted to do some more embellised ATCs and decided to do a large piece to be cut and individually embellished. I used a base of some very '80s stretchy green velour and layed scraps of jade scraps over the top. Finally I let some sari waste wriggle around on the top and some scrap of wool top softened it all and made sure it was all meshed together.

The sari waste made me feel these needed some sequins and Anna loved playing with my sequin tub and helping me choose which to use. I had to pop into Deal and found myself in the craft how did that happen? They had a massive basket of lovely novelty buttons at 25p per card of two, I only had £2.75 on me so...I got 11 cards!! I was so pleased with the wizard and he made the ATC perfect for Dad. The other two are for some lovelies who have been supporting my new adventures to fibre land so and , I hope you both like them! See if you can spot more of the little buton beauties popping up, and if you have a particular fondness for; gnomes, pansies, polar bears, mice or wizards let me know and you never know what might come through your letterbox!


Genie said...

Thanks once again Jenny, mine arrived safely and is wonderful My DH said it reminded him of under the sea. Yours is in the post.
Cheers Jean

Daisie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, loverly indeed!

Swirlyarts said...

It's fab - I love mine! It's the first ATC I have received and I can only say that the others have a lot to live up too!

Griffin said...

They are lovely aren't they? I'm trying to work out how I'd frame mine and then... where to hang it.

Sari waste... hmmm, I'll have a look around Leicester when I get a chance and see what I find - there's a large Indian community there so there must be some sari waste around!

Indigo Blue said...

These are lovely!