Wednesday, 16 April 2008

#I'm a dingle dangle dangley thing#

Guess who's been playing again? After making those ATCs I wanted to carry on in a similar scale. (I am sick of feeling like I'm getting no where with Annas' massive quilt!) and decided to look out those bangles that I got cheap at Claires the other week. Mum had been to a Jumbly on Saturday, (lucky lucky lady) with the express purpose of hunting for chiffon. This was after I whinged that our 'charity' shop was asking £1.50 each for chiffon scarves. She really came good finding lots of skirts with chiffony type overlays and I got some samples in the post. I played with a mostly purplish floral print on purple felt and some eyelash wool on top. Mum had also put some dear little lilac and yellow sequins in, cause she's nice like that! So it all came together and I made a tiny star to hang in a lilac bangle. All the offcuts got meshed onto another piece of felt and that too has come out really nicely. Next I played with a kind of shot bright orange on yellow and laid some fibres over that too. This time I embellished the thread that the circle was to hang on in between the circles, which hopefully will make things simpler.

Whew well I had great fun and I think the results look pretty.....but.....I'm not really sure what they are for. (I do like to make sort of useful things.) I did think of a few possibilities;

Make them scented as hangers for the wardrobe/bedroom.

Just make them in festive colours for the tree.

Make them in all the colours of the rainbow and in different shapes to hang in a child's room.

Make them is plainer felt and add an initial.

Try to hang a group together off a frame to make a larger mobile.

Make a silhouette of felt with a transparent fabric in the middle as a sun catcher.

Write it all off as a bad lot and give the rest of the bangles to the kids to play with.

What do you think?


Daisie said...

mmmmmmmmm I love them , I would hang them all over, I like things that hang, my windows are full of stuff. I would have a red one for the bathroom and a blue one for the bedroom and an orange one to hang from the beam in my kitchen. Keep making them, don't stop! X

Griffin said...

Yeah, wot Daisie said. They don't absolutely have to be useful - they're Art!

They look a little like dream catchers, but maybe dream-inspirers instead? Very pretty and there's nowt wrong with that... it works for butterflies.

Definitely keep making them and don't stop. Daisie's right on that one.

Sharon said...

Don't give up!They're really pretty! Like the idea of hanging them in kids rooms and an initial in the middle, and christmas decorations, and the silhouette idea maybe bird shapes or something. See the possibilities are endless! Now I must go and get dressed, school run in 20 mins!

Suzie Sews said...

Keep making them they are so sweet