Friday, 22 October 2010

Wonder woman!

A sneaky swap, just between friends, just for fun. Maria very kindly offered when I was having my 'what am I for?' wobble. I'm really glad I couldn't resist! Maria sent all manner of sweet stuff; a pot of cute buttons, a piece of amazing pink fabric and a roll of spotty ribbon which the camera went all wonky on so remains a secret, this most amazing heart hanging, so cute,
a very smooth and special angel, some ticking type ribbon, very swish and these dear chicken egg cosies. The children often have eggy in an egg cup so these will become a regular fixture on our table I'm sure.

the parcel was wrapped in this holographic, iridescent film which I have quickly ferreted away before any sticky fingers got to it. I'm sure I will use it in my course, but if not it brings back happy memories of 1980's Sindy outfits! A big thanks to Maria, I have enjoyed this swap so much and even more now my parcel is here and is so ace! I am now to make the decision as to where my hearts hanging should go so that it can cheer me up on a daily basis.
Half term has now officially begun so look after yourselves! xx


Lululiz said...

Fantastic pressies, really lovely pieces. The heart hanging is so sweet. You know what I love most though? That rather fabulous ticking stripe ribbon! I love it, where on earth did she find that?

trash said...

Ooooo! It is even lovelier than I thought based on the sneaky peeks.

Lyn said...

Oh what lovely things! you are lucky.

Poppy Cottage said...

How lovely.
Bit of a dilemma with Lily in the vets on a drip, so Jasper and I were bottle feeding puppies. Can't blog about it as Jose might see it and she is on a school trip and I don't want her to worry.

What a start to a weekend!!


wonderwoman said...

I love making things for friends and am so happy you like the pressies. have a great half term!

karen said...

have a lovely half term break!! Great swap too and last i heard Milly Molly Mandy was doing 10 years!!

Griffin said...

Yes. You are... a wonder woman! Well you are a mum so you must be. Those look fabulous pressies... early Christmas!

...oh no it isn't!...Ohhh yes it is... ohhh... ahem, well you get the idea!