Monday, 18 October 2010

S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G we're shopping

Despite finding the Knitting and Stitching show slightly less ace than in the past I still managed to buy some bits and bobs (!). Thanks to Mum and Dad for some spending money and to Simon for letting me do my own Christmas shopping! First shown buttons from Textile Garden. More exciting than a sweet shop!

Then I visited a lady specialising in sequins for Sari silk and...well sequins...lush!
I got a bargain bag from Oliver Twists which contains some opulent velvet and some new (to me) fibrous stringy stuff.
I also got some coloured pencil roving to have a go at some wild Italian corded quilting.
This is my purchase in response to the challenge to make the best use of a pound. These little squares are printed and are the zingiest colours.
I also bought a thread inspiration pack from Thredfairy who I have bought from on E-bay many times,the cocoons were from Steff Francis but I like the colours together.
Steff Francis also provided the opportunity to make up another inspiration pack based on some space dyes cotton felt. I added beads from another stall.
More cotton felt awaiting a quilting experiment and some sari yarn from the sequin lady which just matches beautifully!
I bought equipment too- pens and pipe cleaners for doll making and some transfer paints.
Finally I couldn't resist some £2 a metre cotton fabric. So the shopping was tempting enough, not too much which I hadn't seen before. I found it all a bit crammed n and again have resolved next year I will try to get to Harrogate instead. I had a task also to speak and to take notes from the showcase stands, this was a real challenge. Luckily the first lady I spoke too was very lovely and chatted about her work, I asked if I could take some photos and bought some of her postcards. Unfortunately as I progressed to other stands the reaction was very mixed. Some exhibitors were friendly and charming and gorgeous but others were very shirty and stand offish. I can only assume that as it was Sunday they had show fatigue, or that they had had some terrible experiences with visitors in the past. It was strange though that some people weren't selling postcards, had no handouts and didn't allow photography. I can't imagine that lots of visitors take a pocket stuffed with cash to buy art, perhaps I'm wrong, but how are visitors supposed to remember who's progress they want to watch, who they might want to have as speakers at their guild, who they might want to buy from in the future? Perhaps I am missing the point- but I do remember Harrogate being a darn sight friendlier.
Sorry rant over, I did get some amazing inspiration and see the work of some fabulous artists. I have already used some of my purchases in my course work- more of that soon. Hope you are all well and happy. xx


karen said...

I usually go to Harrogate but last year I went to London and feel that Harrogate is much bigger. Don't know about friendlier, I suppose it depends who is exhibiting. The locals however are marvellous, we are known for our charm up north you know!!

Poppy Cottage said...

Wow!! Looks like you had a really great time shopping! What do you use the silk cocoons for? I have some plain white ones and some dyed silk rods (just because I thought I might need them) but I have no idea what to do with them!!

Have a lovely week.

wonderwoman said...

wow a lot of lovely shopping - looks like you had a good day!


Lyn said...

I think I might have to get to Harrogate next year, I have never been to either but it sounds like this is the one to go to. I love your pretties!

Daisie said...

You have to come to Harrogate next year and meet me for coffee! x

Twiglet said...

Oh what a lot of gogeousness!!! I always used to go to Harrogate Show when I lived in Yorkshire - it was a brill girly day out with my sister and daughter. Yes the locals are friendly!