Saturday, 20 February 2010

Yes I'm back, back again

If you want to know what mischief I have been up to whilst I have been away; I have mostly been buying shoes (so comfy!), drinking very nice real ale at a g-o-o-d pub, buying a little fabric at Weymouth's finest quilting shop and watching the sweetest most beautifully made film I have had the pleasure to watch in a long time. Really if you have chance to see Ponyo do go. It is a U rating but this doesn't make it a little children's film, it really is very unexpected and charming.
I have had a really lovely half term and have managed to cross another two projects off the list, well to be fair I had a good deal of help from my rather lovely folks. Mum made up a jumper I knitted for Anna, I hate making up and I would have really resented doing it this time as this jacket didn't even fit her. I knitted in a simple fair isle block pattern but my tension was shot and although it is a really thick garment with a nice shape- (hideous colours but really what did you expect from a girl who buys gween shoes?) it will have to be handed to a lucky/unsuspecting smaller little friend! Dad also helped by turning me the wooden beads to finish off the apple casket, they are perfect and I will share pictures soon.
I had a day at the Embroiderers Guild meeting today and our branch have started their own website- link to follow- when I find where I have written it down!!


trash said...

Next time you are down this way email me, perhaps we could do pancakes in a carpark?

Jennifer said...

Really cute shoes.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great half term! Loving your new shoes. You can't beat comfy. I saw that film advertised, but my two wanted to see Astro Boy!

Daisie said...

Have had a lookie at the website and they're not gween, they're 'apple' sadly all out of stock and none in purple :-( Beautiful shoesies, very jealous!

Sadly don't have any small girlies to fill ill fitting cardigan, good luck in finding a victim :-)

Glad you've had a good holiday!


Tabiboo said...

ooohhhh those shoes do look comfy - how old do I feel??

Nina x

Griffin said...

Wot?! No heels?! I'd have got those in red.

Anonymous said...

Oooh those shoes are lovely! I can just imagine walking on cobble streets to a Devon market in them! Swoon! :)