Friday, 5 February 2010

Wrap me in yarn and call me lucky!

I didn't feel very lucky this morning, Anna had croup in the night and it is so horrid. None of us were firing on all cylinders this morning and I had thought that the parcel waiting at the post office for us was Will's Lego board. Nope, no Lego, but a lovely parcel for Mummy. I was lucky enough to be one of two winners of a give away from Tiny White Daisies which was quite staggering in it's generosity. Firstly everything was packed up in this gorgeous calico bag, just right for popping a project in to keep it clean and Playdough free.

The bag was secured with the lovely felty flower brooch, which is just my kind of thing. There was more handmade loveliness in the from of this gorgeous covered note book. None of this had been listed as part of the prize so what a lovely surprise on top of this gorgeous wooly treasure! Four balls of Noro, a 100g skein of 4ply and some wooden needles. I am sooo lucky and so grateful. I spoke to Mum- knitter extrordinaire and she suggested some gloves with the 100g skein. Now Mum actually is clever enough to knit proper gloves- I am not- it is a thing of wonder to behold. Unlike me Mum can handle four needles without having to hold one in her mouth! I am tempted to try some crochet squares or triangles all joined up for the Noro and made into a summer scarf. Tiny White Daisies has used some stunning yarn to make a triangular shawl affair which also appeals.

The treasure will be added to my wool stash until I have cleared some more projects but for instant gratification who can beat the other surprise in the package? (doesn't look very poorly here does she?)


niftyknits said...

oh what a fabulous prize! I have occasionally knitted fingered gloves, but only when the memory has faded enough for me to forget how AWFUL it is. The first one is ok, but getting the second the same? Forget it.

Jennifer said...

A while ago, I made crocheted some wrist warmers which were super easy, no fingers to mess around with. What a fantastic prize, look at all of those lovlies. That covered notebook is fantastic.

trash said...

Oh my!

wonderwoman said...

ahh, she looks adorable!!! hope she's better soon. What lovely goodies in your parcel!! thank you soo much for mine - i have emailed you!!


Tabiboo said...

Mmmmmmm - cream eggs!!

Sorry I got distracted, it's easily done!! I hope Anna is OK and your all firing again?

take care Mrs Lucky and have a wonderful weekend,

Nina x

Jacky said...

What a fabulous prize (I think I went in that draw too). I was drooling over that yummy Noro wool and the cool bamboo needles. Well done you, I cant wait to see what you will knit up.
And that beautiful bag, the felted flow and that lovely journal...such a lovely gift.

Jacky xox