Sunday, 28 February 2010

Festive yo-yos

I have now made some more progress on the silk bag, he strawberries have leaves and some pips and there are some roses in another segment. I too the picture early as the laptop is going to be hoovered in the morning, I hope she comes back with all her bits and pieces in place, poor dear. The project for next week is the Christmas wreath. I am pretty confident about this one as I can turn out yo-yos day and night and with some ribbon loops, bells and buttons this will be able to go in the loft to come out next winter.
I do hope the computer survives it's procedure and I can show you the progress on this next week. Have a good one all! xx


Jennifer said...

Very pretty! Hope your computer survives.

Lululiz said...

Yikes, 1st March and you talk Christmas stuff!!! That was weird, lol, but its a project to be finished, so thats good. I wish I had your determination to get things finished. Mine are piling up.

wonderwoman said...

your stitching is lovely - hope the computer isn't too poorly!