Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Thanks for your supportive comments on my last post. I have been feeling a bit perkier as other parts of life fall into place and other stresses fade away. In good news; my oven is fixed! My gorgeous friend Sam has agreed to do some needle felting at my hen do. The local cinema has said they will be able to put on a matinee for my hen day, something black and white and lovely. I have got stuck into making my wedding invites and hope to rope Simon in tonight with lots of card cutting. I have finished the above sample of contemporary Assisi work. I have also finished the bag for the charity shop and they Loved it, which is very very nice. The builders will start some work at the back of our house tomorrow after us waiting over a year.
So perhaps life isn't so bad. I must go and see of I can find a lemon to knock up a sponge in my newly working oven- the lovely Alan who fixed it for me reckoned a lemon drizzle over a coffee and walnut- and who am I to argue?


Debbie said...

Arsenic and Lace is a good funny movie :)

what do you do with the lemon?

Poppy Cottage said...

Haven't had a chance to catch up and leave a comment lately. Been thinking of you. Still you have a lovely wedding to look forward to and many happy memories to make. Good luck with your hen do.

Colette xx

Griffin said...

Ooh yes, Bringing up Baby!! Or It Happened one Night... or THE romantic movie...Casablanca. Not under any circumstances Brief Encounter as you will go through too many tissues. Of course, you could watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show! That would scare the boys!!...er, unless that's wot they're doing!

"lemon drizzle over a coffee and walnut" I'm with Alan. In fact if you're making it anytime soon and he's there...I'm with Alan!!

Jenni said...

That is soooo pretty!


P.S. Very excited about Hen Night, do you think maybe you could do it every year (without the wedding, obviously!)

wonderwoman said...

am soo glad things are going well and hope that they continue to do so!!!!


Jackie said...

So sorry to hear about your uncle.
I thought this pink heart might be part of your wedding outfit as you mentioned hot pinks...but its a superb sample. I would never have thought of doing assissi work like that.

karen said...

love the work, gorgoeus!! and yes, £5 off and a 3 for 2 on soap and glory...heaven.

Lyn said...

How are you? not heard much from you lately-but you do have plenty on your plate at the mo!