Thursday, 3 March 2011

Distracted by .....distractions

that's how it goes with life. I have stuff going on at the moment, some good and exciting, some sad, some cross making. I don't feel able to share the poo stuff on a public platform so I'll just share the nice bits shall I? The exciting bits are a lot to do with our up-coming wedding. Mum zoomed down to help me choose an outfit- which I can say no more of as Simon reads my posts- and we have been to Weymouth to organise some more bits and bobs. I bought these fabulous double sided wrapping papers in Margate old town and plan to use them for my hen day invites.
Whilst in Weymouth I picked up some shoes to wear on my big day. They are a Red Herring special edition. Simon made me buy them shooting down every protest with a rather frisky glint in his eye- he did at one point ask in a sweet concerned manner 'are they comfy?' Honestly, boys just don't get it do they- or they don't care! I came home and let Mum have a look at them nestling in their bag...'slut' she said. I do believe that on my wedding day I am presenting myself to my husband and if a little touch of slut gives him a happier 'happiest day' then I am happy to oblige! Anna has picked out some fabulous fabrics for her bridesmaid dress, which has meant my colour theme is hot pink, sugar pink, warm yellow, leaf green and of course slut red! The venue for our knees up following the ceremony is a community centre where I spent a great deal of my happy childhood, it makes me well up just thinking about it- apart from the fact it's only costing £55 for the hall hire, including use of their own bouncy castle- hooray! Right enough wedding news- I'd hate to bore you all with it.

I have been working hard on my City and Guilds but the current sticking point is another design unit- the stitching relaxes me but not quite as much as the design modules tie me in knots. It's good to have a challenge though, no really, I have to hold that thought. I have treated myself to working on this sample of contemporary Assisi, using random cross stitch and a stencilled shape in the centre.
I have also been involved in great new project at our local Sue Ryder shop. They put a sign up asking for volunteer sewers so I was brave and put my hand up. It turns out the lovely manager wanted to make bunting from fabric which she would otherwise have sent for 'rag'. I have made a couple of lengths now and the fabric she is giving me is ace-some gorgeous old sheets, (made in the U.K) some old blouses and napkins and tablecloths. It makes my heart brake to know that other treasures are being sent for rag- I want it all- to up-cycle- to re-cycle- to love! I hope the project grows and grows because I have missed making things for others to enjoy- my City and Guilds is very hidden- and this 'work' and raising funds for charity is feeding my soul in a way that is very necessary right now.


Maryvonne said...

Dear Jenny,

sorry to hear you are having "sad things" happening to you. Hope they are not to bad?
Love the paper!!!! And the shoes are gorgeous!
When is your big day?
A big hug from the netherlands!

Daisie said...

Hope the shit stuff goes away or gets better or whatever very soon and I REALLY hope you take the shoes off before you climb on the bouncy castle!
Big hugs xxx

wonderwoman said...

i love those shoes!!!! Amazing!!! Hope the good things can overcome the not so good. Your stitching is beautiful.


Jennifer said...

Those papers are great, very pretty! Wow, those are some heels, I think they're great, I have always been hopeless in heels.

Gina said...

I love those shoes... brilliant choice! Hope all the bad stuff gets sorted out. x

Lululiz said...

Phoah, those shoes are AMAZING !!!

Tabiboo said...

'oh' bum - chum! Not bum chum by the way....I think you know what I'm trying to say??

Love your 'slut' shoes - I think your man is going to be pleased as punch when you turn up in those.

Have a lovely weekend - hope there is not too much poo stuff going on at the moment?

Nina xxx

Griffin said...

Sorry to hear you're having poo stuff and hope it all sods orf.

The shoes are fab, so there! Not slutty...unless you're wearing a leather miniskirt with studs on for the wedding, which I don't think you're not are you?!!

Shhh, whisper to me, what's the dress like?!! Oi Simon, stop reading it's supposed to be a surprise!! :)

Jude said...

Wow, what have I missed...a wedding!!! Yeah!!! I love them...and I love the shoes..go girl!!(as they say somewhere!!)
Hope the nasty stuff goes away soon
Take care

Jackie said...

City and Guilds is so stressful and I don't know how you find the time to do the charity stuff but well done. I hope bad things have passed. As for the shoes...fabulous...I can only wince at the thought of teetering along on them but you will be able to carry them off...or they might carry you off. (If I wore them i'd have to be carried off on a stretcher I think)