Sunday, 13 March 2011

Floral tribute

I have been creating new seasonal decorations for our house for just over a year now. Just bits and bobs as I've fancied, you know how nice it feels to put the Christmas decorations up? Well I'm hoping to reflect valentines day, spring, mid-Summer and Autumn and get the same buzz. These little cotton flowers are certainly lifting my spirits at the moment. They have been knitted following a Nicky Epstein pattern and sewn onto some fine ric-rac with a button middle. The garland cost me just a couple of pound to make and has filled a few relaxing evenings.

I am glad to have been cheered because some of the sadness I mentioned in my previous post has come to it's full conclusion with the death this morning of my uncle. It is sad that he has died, but not half as sad as his illness leading to his death and the trauma caused to all concerned. I am absolutely sure he is resting easier now. There are still more sad resolutions to come, which are laying heavy on my soul, gosh that sounds melodramatic, but perhaps you know what I mean? Lets hope there are more light moments to come too- that's how life works isn't it- light and shade?
On the light side I am focusing on creating for the charity shop, they have given me a bag of proper wool jumpers which had been part felted by their previous owners and now boiled to death by me! I have been working on making one into a bag for the shop to try selling, it's all a fantastic experiment.
I have also been invited to a fancy dress birthday party. Last year I made a dress for the theme of the 1920's. This year the theme is literary figures, in the interest of feeding my dark humour I have decided to go as Miss Havisham. I have collected some clothing to alter from the charity shop- I plan to have a LOT of fun with this one, mostly to make up for the gloom of reading 'Great Expectations' to make sure I am accurate. God but Charles Dickens did write about some miserable lives, it reminds me of the more modern genre of 'tragic life stories' which I wouldn't read for 'pleasure' either!
Lastly I will be visiting Hobbycraft in the morning to get the last few bits and pieces for my wedding and hen invites which I was unable to get from my local independent.
Here I shall insert an informal enquiry. I want my hen do to be a reflection of me and as such I am hoping to do some making with my friends. Is there anyone local who might be able to offer a kind of workshop for a morning? We are in East Kent and I hope to do something like felting, cake decorating, soap making or some such. Let me know if you know of someone who might be able to help? Thanks. x


Faeryfay said...

Love those flowers!:-)

Gina said...

Sorry to hear your sad news Jenny. Wishing you happier weeks ahead.

karen said...

sorry about the sadness but the bright things will come and the flowers are a good is the wedding planning!!! you getting excited???

Angela said...

So sorry to hear the sad news about your uncle :(

Hope you manage to find the perfect way to spend your hen do.

YOur flower garland is so pretty!