Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Open the box

Have you been wondering where I've been? Curious as to what I've been up to? I have been cutting up card! Yep for about a week I have folded, glued and scored....repeat.... Finally I have finished seven wedding invitations and fifty hen-do invites-phew! The invites have been made following the colour scheme of Anna's bridesmaid dress- stop cringing- it will look lovely! Each invite is slightly different but each are boxed.

Open the box to reveal the first hit of colour, lots of die cut flowers with little touches of bling. (and snotty trails of PVA but I'm hoping everyone will be polite enough not to mention them!)
Open the card to reveal the harlequin within. The card has four hidden compartments. The details of the ceremony and reception lay within the easy to find boxes. There is confetti in the top boxes- if any one can get them open! These were a total labour of love, but very satisfying to have the end result and to get them posted off today.
The fifty hen-do invites were much more simple, but all different. I hope they give a flavour of the vibe I am hoping for on the day. These have also been written and I have started to hand them out. I have spent a long time thinking about all the friends I wanted to invite, I didn't know what to do about you, my lovely blog pals. You guys have been offering friendship and support for years in some cases so I wanted to include you if I could. If you think you might fancy a trip to Kent in July for a girly day of fun please let me know, I would be delighted to send you an invite!

What you can't see, hopefully, in any of these pictures is the huge quantity of plaster dust billowing around the house at the moment, we are into our third week of building works . There will be more to show when the dust has settled! xx


Tabiboo said...

Hi Jen,

I've just had to pick a sick little one up so I don't think I can come out to play this week - and I was so looking forward to giving you a hand with your invites. Darn it - you've made them already!!

They look fab missus.

take care,

Nina xxx

Gina said...

What brilliant wedding invites - love the idea of all the little boxes

JuliaB said...

Wow! you are a genious .. lucky there's only 7 guests! x

Lyn said...

Beautiful invites and what a lovely thought to tryy and include your bloggy fromds too-if I live closer I would be there in a flash!
have fun.

wonderwoman said...

Wow what amazing invites - you are a genius!!!


Griffin said...

Hmm, well at least you won't lose Anna!! I love the little boxes and all that colour too.

Dusty? Hmmm, so are you Dusty Springbean? Or after all those invites - Dusty Wearybean?!

You do know we expect pictures from both hen night...ahem and wedding! You'll look gorgeous and Anna will um, be very highly visible!!! :)

karen said...

oh wonderful!! these are great, well done! When is mine coming?? My flower girl one??

Pomona said...

Just stopping by to say hello, how are you? I hope that things are going OK. All your invitations look absolutely wonderful - you clever thing!
With lots of good wishes xx