Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I wanna be your dowg

Fashion Dog is a book with 30 designs of outfits and accessories for the most pampered pooch. Designs are made with a range of knitting, sewing and crochet. They are sized for smaller dogs but there is a section suggesting how to scale up the patterns, though of course collar dangles are suitable for any sized pet. I usually try to make something from each book I review but this book had me stumped- draw a deep breath- I’m not really an animal lover- (I’m not keen on babies either)- there I’ve said- bye bye readership. I’m not totally hard hearted or anything, I’m just not great with things that are dependant on me for care. I am entirely comfortable with wild animals, but I couldn’t really knit leg warmers for a wolf! When I took a closer look at the patterns I realised one thing; this is not a book for people who love there dogs and want to have a go at making something for them…..rather this is a book for someone who LOVES there dog, adores fashion and is an experienced stitcher/knitter/crocheter. This is not to say that the instructions aren’t clear- they seem full enough- though I haven’t tried them, it is just that they are expressed in a way that might be foreign to a new crafter. In the accessories section the crochet is given as a written instruction, not as a diagram. Knitting is shown as a chart rather than in long hand. As I say if you are fabulously stylish, in love with your canine and adept with the needles you’ll really like this well presented book, it is a pooch Marie Claire.

I am offering this book up for any such dog lover- who's still talking to me!


Wipso said...

I'm sat here chuckling at this book. We love kids and dogs but dogs are dogs surely. I have 3 dogs that I am certain would fit the patterns perfectly but I would never dream of knitting them. They all have beautiful fur coats of their own and I have better things to do with my time :-)
A x
ps I am still speaking to you :-)

Jo in TAS said...

I do need to make a pair of boots for my dog so she doesn't get grass seeds when we go camping and cost us a fortune at the vets to have them removed. Does it have anything suitable in there for a stitcher?

Jo in TAS said...

PS I won't hold it against you that you don't like dogs :-)

wonderwoman said...

of course i'm still 'talking' to you - as you know i'm an animal lover but i would not knit/crochet anything for my dogs!! for a start my family would not speak to me!!!


Poppy Cottage said...

That is so wierd. Lily and I went for a walk with our friend the vet and his dog. He was killing himself laughing as I was on about knitting Lily a coat as she has lost nearly all of her coat after the pups (bit like us when we have babies) trouble it is at the wrong time of the year. She looks more like a big short coated terrier rather then a fluffy gloden retriever, poor love. So I now feel that i wasn't completely stupid in my plan!!

trash said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... just laughing at the thought of trying to get My Assistant to wear any of those designs.

The big black dog is fairly bomb-proof in terms of additional wear but I'm not willing to risk the 'fairly' failing.

Lululiz said...

I think my DH would divorce me if I knitted coats for our dogs, lol. Can't quite see our Rhodesian Ridgebacks in pink and baby blue cableknits. I am sure there are loads of people with little dogs which will be delighted with this book though.

Griffin said...

"I’m just not great with things that are dependant on me for care."

Well that's not entirely true is it? I mean I've heard that you're great at nursing pints and taking care of chocs or cake!!

I notice there are not books like this for cats... they would not only shred any 'clothes' made for them, they would swipe you if you tried to put them on the cat!!

They have a fur coat, wot do they need wool for?! It's madness I tell you, utter madness!

chris, milatos said...

I love my dog.We are what we are, you either love dogs/cats etc or you dont. Your brave enough to say you dont well done. Yor still a nice person.

Canny Keepsakes said...

Florrie & Betty the authors of Canny Keepsakes Colliery days book say Hi, and just tlet you know they have added your blog to their blog.

Twiggy said...

When I had a hamster I wanted to make him a little sailor suit and Mr Twigs said I was a weirdo, he's wrong isn't he :)
Thanks for your lovely get well and birthday wishes.
twiggy x