Saturday, 8 January 2011

300th post giveaway

Yep 300 posts- 300! That's quite a lot isn't it? About one hundred posts a year- around two a week- that's like a proper bloggy habit! Anyway it must be time for a giveaway! I won't say what the prize will be- because I want to make it special for the winner- who ever they may be. To enter please leave a comment, tell me something, tell me if you were a biscuit what sort of biscuit you would be and why. I am, for example, quite clearly a Bourbon. I'm a bit traditional, a bit common, I am possibly a little more than a boring rich tea but have no delusions that I am some fancy chocolate coated beauty from a Fox's selection tin. I am also quite especially nice when dipped in hot chocolate (get the picture?). I will randomly pick a winner next Sunday the 16th, please make sure I can contact you through your comment, or I will have to pick someone else- and that kind of hard-ball policy really doesn't come easy to a 'Bourbon'.So, as you may have gathered with my deep knowledge of biscuits there is only one sort of diet going on around here! I have seen lots of bloggers talking about the need for economy in these hard times and that has hit the stash... Cut to Pieces is offering an incentive for two months with no fabric purchases, I won't make any promises- because the minute I do I will want to do the opposite. I had been thinking though that if I am to make a quilt for my dear brother, which I very much want to do I will need to buy some fabric...but no wait perhaps there's another way? How would any of you feel about a fat quarter for fat quarter swap- I have lots of pretty florals and some novelty fabrics and Tom wants blues, green and brown geometrics. I will post a picture of the fabrics which Tom picked from my stash and perhaps you guys could tell me if you have anything which might fit which you'd be prepared to swap. There's no hurry so it could be all 2nd class post, but I think U.K only- otherwise it might defeat the object of the exercise! Cool- so come on biscuits- dunk yourselves in the giveaway-and help me celebrate 300 posts of waffle!


chris, milatos said...

If I was a biscuit, l would like to be a digestive, nice and round not to thick, and I can be dunked in tea coffee or a glass of cold milk. mmmmmmmmm

vintagerockchick said...

Hi, just tiptoed through your blog via a link from Contemporary Embroidery. (like the music related post titles - I do song titles too!)
I immediately knew that I'm a Party Ring - a little bit quirky, tries to look good on the surface, although accepts that's just a front for the less exciting bit underneath. A bit over-the-top maybe, and possibly not to everyone's taste, but my friends think I'm sweet - and they can see right through me. x

gill said...

I think I am the boring rich tea!! Nothing much to look at but I'll never let you down or pretend to be something I'm not! I'm also delicious when immersed in a cup of coffee!

Daisie said...


This is far too hard and my brain hurts, during a training day recently we had to describe ourselves as vegetables and I decided I was an onion, lots and lots of layers and I can leave a bad taste in your mouth if the mood takes me!

Simon says I'm the gold wrapper one in the fox's tin, smooth and shiny and inviting but dark and bitter inside.

I don't know but hope that these random blatherings will allow me an entry into your giveaway :)


wonderwoman said...

yep am up for the fat quarter swap!!! Now, what biscuit would i be? I think i would be shortbread - no fussy bits, just plain and simple, lol!!!!


Lyn said...

well I would be a shortcake-says it all really, Im short and a bit crumbly!

Wipso said...

I've struggled to think what biscuit I would be so asked my hubby...he said I was a hobnob cos I was so dunkable....not really sure what he meant :-)
I asked big sister Twiglet and she said I was a jammy dodger...short and sweet and with a soft centre. Hehehe....You really have got us talking here :-)
Thanks for that,
A x

FairlyGirly said...

I always get called a Jammie Dodger if I win anything, so I hope I am one in this case!!

Gina said...

A gingernut I think... not that I'm ginger but I am a bit of a nut apparently.

Gwen said...

I'm quite annoyed to say that the only biscuits I can get are covered in sausage gravy. :P But, if I were a proper biscuit, I think I'd be a chocolate digestive - round with a little something extra on top.

Maryvonne said...

This is my first visit here and I don't normally be so brutal as to barge in on a give away (if you understand what I am trying to say!) But I love the idea to describe myself as a cookie.....
I would love to say I am a macaron, classy french biscuit, but I am afraid I look more like a "speculaasje"
That is a dutch old fashioned cookie that we mostly eat in winter, with a lot of cinnamon in it. (and I am competely in peace with that)
If you don't know it, perhaps I should send you some!!
And now that I have taken the time to write this, I would also love to participate in the give away, cause I love a nice surprise.

Jo said...

i would be a lemon puff, i look light and a little fluffy, but if you bite me, I have a sharp bite back.

thanks fab question