Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fabric flowers

Colliery Days is a Canny Keepsakes production containing stitched projects inspired by the history of the North of England. There are more than twenty of these projects, split into chapters depending on where they would be used in the home; they range from tea cosies to bedspreads so there’s plenty for everyone. The projects in the book have been made up in traditional fabric which gives them a really vintage country feel. The page layouts have a similar feel; the instructions are interspersed with snippets and historical anecdotes and recipes. The book has a whole lot of character which is very charming, browsing through i

t is a pleasure. Anna and I had a go at making the flower corsages. These were good fun and are very straightforward. We chose different colour scheme which gave different looks to the finished items. When it came to followin

g the instructions I found the page layouts a little distracting, the photographs of the finished items are very large which is helpful, but I can’t help wondering if this is at the cost of larger print in the instructions. All in all the book has a nice feel, very homely. I would say it would be most suitable for a traditional stitcher, there’s nothing very cutting edge here but lots to build skills and confidence, whilst also being nice to mooch over with a cup of coffee.

Can you guess who's flower is who's? I practically begged Anna to leave out that navy petal but she stood firm and damn her her flower is so much more interesting than mine! We decided we would make one in the wedding colours (whatever the hell they might be!) for her to have on a band around her head. Don't forget the give away I won't draw until Sunday so still plenty of time!


karen said...

how lovely that you and Anna made flowers. wedding colours?? you could always go black like me....

Lululiz said...

Sounds like a good basic book to have on your shelf. Great little fabric flowers.

Poppy Cottage said...

I love the flowers. Looks a nice book. I have just been to Jose's parents evening!!! Boy can a 16 year old throw a strop!! Textiles teacher chuufed with her, but the applied art teacher, bloody rude!!! Just thinking how to write a complaint letter. But as i said to Jose, the best way to shut the teacher up (sorry, but you should have seen her!!) is to prove her wrong!!

Think I need to get my blanket finished so I can get out the sewing machine!!

Have a lovely week.

Kirsten said...

Love your flowers. Here's a collection I found helpful as well. Hope you enjoy!

8 Easy Fabric Flower Patterns