Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sweet dreams are made of these

Sweet Memories by Brenda Karon Shade is an Australian published title distributed in this country by Search. It is indeed a very sweet book with three very special projects. There are instructions and patterns for making a quilt, cushion and rag doll and at £18.99 this might not seem the best value, but these are no ordinary projects. If you have see the Australian embroidery magazine ‘Inspirations’ you may have some idea of what I mean. The quilt incorporates more techniques than you might usually use in a decade of projects. There is smocking, shadow work, pin tucking, appliqué, piecing, quilting, gathering and the finest embroidery. The instructions for everything are crystal clear and illustrated with copious detailed photos and diagrams. The cushion is similar in it’s design but on a smaller scale so may be a sensible start before the whole quilt is undertaken. The rag doll is a more classic project and has the most beautiful dress.

These three projects are a total labour of love and I can’t see how they would fail to become heir looms. I wonder how long such delicate and subtle items would last in the bedroom of your average little girl, they look too special to be laid out to the ravages of chocolate biscuits, sparkly nail varnish and felt tips. Perhaps Australian girls are a bit ‘sweeter’ than those I know and love.

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