Monday, 20 September 2010

Deep purple

Celtic Jewellery by Amanda Walker, is the latest in the brilliantly priced (£4.99) Twenty-to-make series. It has a huge range of techniques and ideas there are lots of interesting knotted pieces, bag dangles and some really different paper ear rings. I had a go at knotting a bracelet and really liked the design. I wouldn’t say it felt a massively Celtic book, I think if you used more oriental beads for example you could completely change the feel of a design. As I say though there are massive of techniques here, and none of the designs list huge quantities of expensive beads. This would be a perfect book for anyone wanting to dip their toe into jewellery making, wanting to extend their skills or wanting a gift for a younger crafter. At £4.99 this book is the same price as some beading magazines and you get a lot more ideas, no adverts, and a really neat little tome to come back to time and again if you are stuck for ideas- perfect!


trash said...

Ooo! That looks fun. I love those little books. I have two knitting ones about cakes and flowers.

Poppy Cottage said...

I like the simplicity of leather work. Might be a good 'what to give my big sis at Christmas time book' Thanks for the review.