Friday, 24 September 2010

Ebony and Ivory

So you have seen the fabulous goodies which I was sent for Trashy's 'As you Like it' swap and now I shall show you what I sent. I was so fortunate to be sending to Lilly Pilly who had chosen three sets of very inspiring themes; black and white, birds of a feather and Sweet and Sour.

(I know I didn't deserve Jo as a partner after the horrid combo of words I gave to my poor partner!) Anyway having not long completed a bird swap I focused on the black and white element. Jo is a fabulous stitcher so I tried to make things using other techniques. I visited a bead shop and made this oh so simple necklace and then on to the wool shop for some yarn to make a scarf.
Now I really like to support local businesses so I did buy local but was a bit out off when I asked if they kept 'Flirt' and was told that they did keep a few budget yarns and that they were just down 'by the door'. I don't really call Flirt a budget yarn it is over £3 for 50g and is made from natural fibres. Anyway I did make a purchase but then went online to my good pals at Stash and made a much bigger and altogether more satisfying purchase from them! So the scarf has a base of Flirt in black, I crocheted a lovely Louisa Harding flecked grey into that and then added a soft mohair edging- (yarn pinched from Mum's stash!) I made a matching brooch and embellished it with lots of little treasures.
I found some black and white fabric with matching bird panels at another local store so managed to nod to the bird theme and finally visited Paperchase and my friend who is a Phoenix trader for the fourth little parcel. I did put some sour Haribo in as well so covered all three themes.
This was another really enjoyable swap to make, I really liked the themes and working in monochrome.
I am trying to wean myself off the swaps but have now finished a parcel for my Mum and have one other lovely lass to make a parcel for...... I just don't think I can resist them!

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Jo in TAS said...

Thank-you Jenny! the package of goodies you sent me was awesome. The scarf is amazing and clever and oh so warm! We've still got a few more days of coldness here so it'll get some wear before being put away for next winter.
Love it all!!