Friday, 11 June 2010

My vintage Mum

A while back I reviewed this Rowan book here, it is full of vintage knits and I put it aside ready to show Mum the wonder knitter. When I saw her on holiday she had already made this dear little jumper with a lacy shell pattern. She did say it was the sort of pattern you needed to give your full attention to but I think it's come out really well. I can see this is a black sparkly yarn for a bit of glam but Mum used a neutral colour for the summer. The yarn was a sort of crepe so showed the pattern well, plus it was part of a large quantity of wool that Mum had been given when a friend de-stashed so effectively free. Mum did have a look for some linen trousers but hates paying silly money for clothes so I suggested she made herself some (perhaps a pay-back from a childhood of visiting cool clothes shops only to have Mum say 'how much???? I could make it for less than that!!!= which of course is now just the sort of thing that I say- it's in the genes!!). Anyway Mum looked out a linen table cloth she had made and used a few times and rustled up some trousers, she even embroidered the back pockets...with her initials. Mum has stacks of cool jewellery and bags so I know she'll wear her free vintage jumper and table cloth trousers with panache and style that you couldn't get from a top fashion house.


Jenny said...

I love those lacy patterns, and a bargain!

Jenni said...

Jenny, I love your mum! x