Tuesday, 29 June 2010

From cheeky monkey...to cheekier monkey!

It doesn't seem long ago that I was holding a very tiny Anna in my arms and thanking fate for giving me such a perfect baby girl. Anna is always so cheerful but also as an innate sense of mischief and fun. From early on I learnt to listen out for the silence- a sure sign that she would be getting herself in a right pickle!
Well here is Anna on Saturday morning- my big beautiful four year old! Big piles of presents, mostly craft equipment, lots of Hello Kitty- lots of excitement! We had a family day on Saturday and a tea of pizza and cake- Anna's choice. I made chocolate fridge cake as I find my kids never eat sponge. Anna is looking concerned as a was sparkler in the pile of cake has snapped and is drooping onto the precious cake. We had a Hello Kitty party on Sunday with five little friends. We did try to play some party games but the children were so much happier doing the craft activities which I'd prepared. It was the most relaxed party I have ever hosted. I am sure this is in part down to having my diamond parents around helping out, but also due to the children really enjoying making and doing. How cool is that?
I did make a traditional sponge for the party, I bought an inexpensive Hello Kitty toy for the top which Anna could play with after the event. I decided to put her in a garden with some flowers and yes....the obligatory green icing!!! I have always enjoyed spending time with Anna an as she grows that pleasure just grows and grows.


Jennifer said...

She is just so adorable, and four is such a fun age. I know what you mean about silence, it is never a good sign around here either. Your fridge cake sounds scrumptious, I love unusual cakes. I usually request cheesecake for my birthday :) Glad the parties went well, having crafts for the little ones was a great idea.

Griffin said...

She does look very cute (takes after her mum!) Yep, silence... the sound of trouble brewing!!... takes after her mum?! ;)

Tabiboo said...

Happy Birthday to Anna aawwwww how cheeky does she look??

I know what you mean about them growing so fast, but that only means I'm getting old......really fast!!

take care

Nina xx

ps. I found my bonnet last night after having it packed away for our holidays a wee while back, sorry - is there a deadline when it needs to be returned??

N x

Anonymous said...

Awwww she is dead cute :-)
My littl'un is five AND A HALF (nearly 6 don't you know mummy!) now lol, they grow up so quick!

Silence is not golden here either... it definitely means trouble!

Rose X

wonderwoman said...

what a little honey - sounds like you had a lovely day!


twiggypeasticks said...

What a cutie. Belated Happy Birthday young lady !!
Twiggy x

Jackie said...

I've just caught up with the last 10(!) posts and really loved what you've been up to. No gween icing on this birthday cake though.

The Early family said...

Hi Jenny
Looking forward to our Birdy Swap!!

Jackie said...

I've just read that again and so sorry I missed the green bit. Of course. How could you not?

Jackie said...

I've just read that again and so sorry I missed the green bit. Of course. How could you not?

nila said...


Just having a little stroll through your blog and wanted to point out that on the third picture here, Anna looks just like Maggie.