Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cute as two buttons

If anyone out there was considering a thesis along the lines of 'The compulsive collection of small bright shiny objects and it's genetic link' I think we have all the research material you need right here in this house. We regularly visit a shop in town which sells both small toys and buttons- my two have started to realise that if they pester me for toys the get nothing, but ask for buttons? Its a different story. Actually perhaps it's a learnt behaviour. They now have enough buttons to warrant some proper storage so we made and decorated some button boxes.

I'm sure most of you have made these type of boxes before, folded up from two squares of card. Both mine managed to do some of the folding themselves and did the sticking and decorating with very little input. I had bought a pack of sticky foam flowers in the Dunelm Mill sale (very dangerous-approach with caution) and after we had used them to decorate the boxes we used my box to store the rest.

I would like it noted by the blogging Gods that I have shown pictures here demonstrating the tip of a dinning room after a weekend. Please don't be too shocked!
I hope you are all enjoying the end of a very relaxing weekend.


Wipso said...

Fab photos of two gorgeous little crafters :-)
A x

Simply H said...

They look lovely Jenny, your two have obviously inherited your creative magic x

Lyn said...

I am just say here making some button hearts and might suggest you encourage them to do the same only I just nearly poked myself in the eye with the wire so maybe not such a good suggestion!

wonderwoman said...

they look like they've had a brilliant time!!!

karen said...

does the same apply to food and clothing?? mum can i have some shoes? No but look at these gorgeous buttons!

Anne said...

I love your little boxes, they look really cute. And Will and Anna have grown so much. It's lovely to see such great photos.

NoodleBubble said...

Glad they arrived !

Kisses and Love