Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It's life Jim...

Knitted Aliens

by Fiona

McDonald is part of Search Press’ “20 to make” series. These are small books and are priced at £4.99 but are packed with ideas. I have knitted two of these alien whilst on holiday and Mum made another two. The patterns include only basic knit,

purl and basic increasing and

decreasing. They would make them a brilliant project for a new knitter with some help making up. Will (6) particularly enjoyed adding the decorations to the knitted bodies,

and both he and Anna chose the wool. It was a great way to use up little ends and some of the novelty wool I can’t resist but wouldn’t necessarily want to wear! Sometimes the fancy wool made bits come up bigger then expected but I think that’s definitely the fun of these, each one comes out with their own

personality. As the name suggest there are twenty patterns in this book, giving lots of potential for a whole planet of daft aliens. Due to the size of the book it was sometimes difficult to knit and keep the pages open, especially if you need to keep a count of the short rows, which you would need to do with the fluffier wool. I can see this book coming out over and over again as the kids grow up and are able to complete more of the stages themselves. I can also see no reason why these aliens couldn’t be stuffed with lavender and live in an underwear drawer or be threaded onto a bag dangle. One nice thing is that the models in the photos are not so perfect that you feel your own efforts would be a poor comparison, they give you a very reasonable expectation that every single alien you make will come out totally bonkers!


Lululiz said...

They are wonderful!!! What a fabulous, and great value for money book.

Fiona McDonald said...

Wow, Jenny, they are wonderful. Thank you for the lovely comments about my patterns. I can't wait to see you knit more!

karen said...

you now have 85 followers and another comment!!