Friday, 17 October 2008

Bo Dangles

I've been playing again! Emma at Tamarisk thought that some clip on bag dangle-key ring type things might sell well at her shop, I already had some clips and I picked up a big bag of lovely chunky glass beads at the show for £3.50. I also have some tassel making plastic things which I haven't really used much before. The only thing missing was....a knitted bead. Daisie has been championing this phenomenon lately and I have really enjoyed making them, they are very quick, (I've been doing them on the bus to work). I.m pleased with the way these have turned out and just hope Emma likes them too. I think they have potential for Christmas decorations too. I also had a fiddle with anew brooch design. I used the embellisher to mount some circles of silk and organza onto a felt disc and then went mad with beads and sparkly bits! I think these could be much bigger and froofe-er!
Can you see the lovely red beads on the brooch and bag dangle? They were amongst an enormous bag of treasure given to me by my friend Ursula. She has amassed a huge amount of stuff and I was the beneficiary of a clear out. The picture shows a bag of beads (glass/coral/stone) thread (Chinese silk etc) and gold work supplies. There was so much other lovely stuff that I just can't believe it. She also gave me two squash and LOADS of apples. With friends like these who needs shopping trips?
One of the other items I picked up at the show was a Stef Francis kit. I considered this a real luxury item at £12.50 but the kit is amazing and I'm actually really impressed now I have had a good look inside. I think it will teach me three or more new techniques and I'll get something gorgeous to wear at the end. One particular technique new to me was stuffing tubular ribbon. I have never really seen the point of this type of viscose ribbon, but now I have put some wool down the middle I am in L-O-V-E- somebody stop me!


Daisie said...

Very nice indeed! Bit posher than mine I think and fabulous! Really love the purple one.

Genie said...

Hi Jenny, love the Bo Dangles.
Have a fun weekend

JuliaB said...

WOW Jenny ! Those tassles and brooch are AMAZING. I especcially like the red tassle ... the kit .. is confusing to me .. stuffing ribbon with wool?? It looks v. interesting though ... i never thought of making tassles with funky wool .. do you need a tassle maker?? xx

Jackie said...

Stef Francis is a genius. When I was doing myCity and Guilds many moons ago, I rang up and asked her to send me £50 worth of threads in aqua,greens, and blues, on sale or return. She did and I kept them all. So what should have been about £15 was £50! They were irresistible.

Griffin said...


The weaver Ann Sutton once bought a Victorian sock machine (I kid you not!) and she used to stuff the tubes to make huge 'threads' to weave with. I suppose this is a smaller version.

Maybe you could make some and knit with them... please don't tell your other half where I live after I suggested that!!!!!

Griffin said...

Hey Jenny,

I've nominated you for an award on Madame's and my blog.

Handbag accessories are sooo on trend this season - I saw in ELLE. You can make designer ones!

Sharon said...

Hi! Are you Ok, you've been a bit quiet? Shar x

karen said...

yes you can have a rubbing!! Let me have your address and what you want it rubbing in, pencil or whatever, it would be a pleasure.