Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Thanks Griffin! I have received this award which is lovely as a) it's from the Griffin who spins a delicate yarn, b) it's very attractive, don't you think and c) I have tonsillitis and am feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I think I'm meant to talk about six things I like. (Griffin did!) So for anyone who is interested here goes;

I'm rather pleased with my purchase of this inflatable rubber zebra. I love kitsch, unusual, tasteless. I like walking into a house and seeing piles of stuff, books, junk, treasure. I like a cluttered home, which is lucky!

I like baking. Yesterdays pudding, (well tea actually as it was just Simon and I eating and we were both a bit shattered) was chocolate orange bread and butter pudding. This is just like good ole bread and butter pudding but with the bread spread with marmalade, no vine fruit, and a sprinkling of dark chocolate chips between layers. When I cook like this it makes me feel like a 'real woman'!

I like my bed and often force myself to stay up till 10p.m when really I have been yearning for my pj's since 9.

I like lots of other things too, and usually there would be three more well thought out likes but I'll finish up with my top three for today; Penicillin, warm squash and ITV3.

I've been feeling the bloggy love from three lovely ladies in particular this week so if you fancy taking the tag Karen, Dogdaisychains, and Iris and Lilly please go right ahead, otherwise just take my thanks for cheering me when I feel so bloody miserable. (that was a whinge so I must be on the up!)

I'm sad to hear about Julia Caprara and will have another look at the work I started on a weekend with her. I was struggling with getting a technique until the last day with half an hour to go when I took the bull by the horns and just frantically started rotary cutting and bonding. I remember her giving me a big squeeze and saying 'good girl', I remember how that felt, someone else sharing in the happiness of creation. Usually textiles for me is so solitary and the blog is about trying to get that feeling of shared excitement. I'm wondering if anyone would fancy a round robin type thing in the new year. Maybe something based on a particular colour palate or stitch? Let me know what you think!


Purple and Paisley said...

you poor thing...tonsilitis sucks! sending 'get well soon' wishes your way! =)

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Aaah chuck. Tonsils are just a pointless waste of time aren't they? My childhood was blighted with tonsilitis but they refused to take 'em out. Not had it for a while but I sympathise hugely. xx

I totally agree about the 'working together' thing. Blogs are fab but you can't beat workshops and classes. Human contact is so much better cause you get that instant feedback from your classmates. I miss it so much. Would certainly be up for a round-robin in the new year.

Griffin said...

WAAAAAHHH!!! Tonsillitis (or ye olde dreaded lurgi as it is also known). I quite like ITV3 and occasionally E4 is good. You can watch the Gilmore Girls which is mostly tolerable.

You are welcome to an Award, which is 'cos you are a wonderful Cancerian with a plastic inflatable Zebra (impressed, moi? he said trying to look unimpressed and not getting away with it)!

karen said...

thanks jenny! So sorry you are feeling ill. Get well soon.

Kitty said...

Congratulations on your award, and hope you feel much better soon. Tonsilitis is horrid :-(

Keep warm. Easier said than done in the current Baltic conditions, I know.


JuliaB said...

hope your tonsilities is getting better .. i am confused about your last para (being sad) .. ? xx

Genie said...

Oh Dear Jenny sorry to haer you are feeling unwell.
Congrats on Your award and get well soon

Jackie said...

Oh! I just found this. Thank you so much for the award. I've been a bit remiss this week with the blog reading. I hope you are well by now.