Friday, 27 April 2012

Sparkle and Shine

Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer and Shine, just about covers it all doesn’t it? This book really does cover it all. Sarah Lawrence of Crafty Notions fame put together this ‘recipe book’, but sadly passed away before its release. I think her description of it as a recipe book is brilliantly accurate, though there are some more project based sections at the back of the book if this is how you prefer to work. I have been to lots of shows and visited big name stands such as ‘Art Van Go’ and have been left a bit confused. All the pretty bottles, sparkling films, squirty bottles shiny plastics, very attractive but what was I meant to DO with them. More to the point did they relate in any way to my textiles? I used to think not…..after looking through this book though I’m more excited. I didn’t have many of the supplies in my stash, no friendly plastic, no films and yet there were still new ideas which anyone could try. I used some coloured wire, wound around a knitting needle and strung with seed beads to make feature beads for these ear rings. This was quick, easy, cheap and has so many possibilities. There are many more ideas here I’d like to try and I will certainly be visiting some of those exciting stands and filling my basket with shimmery shiny supplies at the next big fair!

This title is priced at £15.99 and is beautifully photographed. It takes its place very happily alongside other textile classics. It is a great addition to any fabric fiend’s library! 

I kind of wish I'd had his book earlier in my City and Guilds course, I think it will really encourage me to play more and be a bit braver....Ill certainly need courage to wear these eighties-tastic ear rings! 

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Lyn said...

Will have to have a look at that book but I don't think I could handle another craft at the moment....have enough of a problem keeping up with the one's I do!