Monday, 30 April 2012

Prairie prairie quite contrary

Well actually not contrary at all, very obliging in fact. These have been signed off now, there are three different prairie point techniques used here. Two fairly fiddly and one total genius! There are probably a million tutorials on line but here is a link to one. Basically this method uses a constant strip of fabric, cunningly cut and folded rather than several little squares. It is even possible to sew two strips of fabric along their length and make a strip of alternating coloured triangles- seen here in the top row of the top picture. I have made all of these samples big enough to be useful post c&g, I would like to make Anna a layered skirt each layer with a prairie edge- how cool? 
 I follow quite a number of fabulous blogs- the list seems to swell daily. I have watched as Wipso has made an astonishing quantity of pillowcase dresses for African children. I had assumed when she referred to knitting 'Fish and Chip' jumpers she was talking about the unusual shape of the garment. Today I followed a link and found out more. Here is where I found myself. So I think some more knitting is in order- I have put Mum on the case and plan to ask the girls at work if they'd like to make it a bit of a canteen project. If you can manage a spot of knit one purl one and have some bright DK in your stash perhaps you'd like to rattle off a Fish and Chip outfit too?  


Annie said...

Thanks so much for giving a heads up for the fish and chip knitties. It's such a great cause.
A x

Gina said...

I hated prairie points when I did my C & G. Thanks for the links... I think some knitting could be in order.