Thursday, 26 April 2012

Eye- eyelet captain

I feel my mojo a-rising. Despite a frankly poo week- or perhaps because of it- I feel the need to get back in the grove, to seriously nail the City and Guilds work- to cross some stuff of the list. This sample got me 'machine eyelets' ticked off. I am not a natural machine-er. I am, if I'm honest, a bit of a control freak and my lack of skill means that the machine controls me. I quite like this sample though and boy is machine work Quick- well quicker than buttonholing eyelets by hand! I am waiting to put a fantastic fabric behind this sample and add some beads and hand stitching. My thoughts are turning to what my next direction might be after the course is finished. I think I probably need to register as a business to extend my options and I also think I need to put together some small workshops to offer people like the WI and maybe guides/scouts. I think some voluntary stuff could be cool. So can I ask- if you are a maker do-er are you officially registered and all? Is it a whole heap of trouble? Do you have sleepless nights over the paperwork etc? Which way next I wonder? Exciting times! x


Lululiz said...

Very impressive!

Lyn said...

oh looking good, and as you say all very exciting!