Sunday, 8 January 2012

Winter colours

In the bleak mid winter? There was still plenty to see on our walk through the Salutation Garden. It's free to get in this month so we have a gorgeous garden to mooch whenever we feel like it. No need to worry about cutting back or fleecing up plants, we can just enjoy the slightly decaying beauty. I do like a bit of faded grandeur. I also managed to pick up something for the kitsch swap from the gift shop sale- result! I am glad to have had some of you sign up for the swap and giveaway, still time if you fancy it. 
I am so looking forward to Sherlock Holmes this evening on telly. It is Genius. Are you watching it? I have always loved a bit of Holmes, I love it's darkness. I am leaning towards the Steampunk at the moment and the original T.V adaptations and films have a great vibe in that vain. 
Anyway just wanted to share the texture of nature in our neck of the woods. Look after yourselves. xx


Trash said...

I can't decide whether that first picture is more boobsih or bummish.

And Sherlock - very excited.

Lyn said...

Watching Sherlock tonight too, I love it.
Will you be watching the other Sherlock at the cinema?
I have not ventured into the garden yet!

wonderwoman said...

Am just loving sherlock and your pics! Xxx

Griffin said...

I love the updated Holmes too. At least in this one Watson has some fire of his own too.

Winter colours... browns, greys and occasionally evergreens and reds. For me, winter is the Stone Season, cold and hard. Things are mimicking death before Spring comes to relight their fires.