Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How'de partners!

Right then my fluffy kitsch beauties, slightly later than planned and eagerly awaited I'm sure here are the details of our swap! Because of numbers and the fact I really want to join in this won't be a straight swap. Please make contact with both your sender and recipient this week and let me know if there are any problems, I really don't want any disappointments!

Maria please send to Daisie
Daisie please send to Trash
Trash please send to Blondedesign
Blondedesign please send to......me!

Maria, I will be sending to you, I hope this is o.k with everyone. Please send before the end of the month. As you can see we are an elite little swap group, how nice!

I haven't reached 100 followers so as yet no one has the dubious pleasure of receiving the 'extra parcel'. Come on my beauties- you know you want to!!
Please note that the zebra will not be gifted but he is probably the most kitsch thing I own! xxxxx


wonderwoman said...

thanks for organizing am very happy to be in such a select group!- just one query - when you say end of the month is that this month or february? xxx

jennyflower said...

Sorry, yes, the 29th of February- not this month. Thanks Maria! x

Daisie said...

Phew, nearly had a bloody heart attack!!

Trash said...

I did not dare comment on the end date thing as I was mentally going through all the kitcsh stuff in my house to see if I could make the deadline!

Griffin said...

I'm your 99th... now you just need one more!...tho' I was confused, cos I thought I was already following your blog!!

Hmmm, the Kitsch Schquad?!

wonderwoman said...

panic over then! phew!

Twiggy said...

Hi Jenny
You've won my giveaway, would you email me with your address details please.
Twiggy x