Friday, 6 January 2012

Kitsch blogversary swap

Yesterday was my blogversary- Four Years of rambling, four years of creating and four years of new friends and exciting contacts. It has been so much fun and a great way to collect my thoughts and kindle ideas. To celebrate I fancy a swap- do you? I fancy a kitsch swap, four items, at least one handmade, U.K only because, lets face it we're all a bit hard up for big postie bills.
Sign up please by January 14th and be ready to post by the 29th of February. Names below in the comments if you fancy it, please make sure I can reply to you and please make sure you're happy to follow it up, I don't want any swap disappointments!
Kitsch is open to personal interpretation but I reckon generally if it has a flamingo on it- or a pink kitten or a rose and some glitter you're on the right track- and if it has all of these please send to me immediately! This is meant to be a very frivolous fun swap- full of tack and charity shop treasure- let's brighten the dull days and make new friends!

As a thank you for your continued support and visits I want to make an extra kitsch parcel for one lucky (?) reader so please leave a comment simply saying 'giveaway' if you want to go into the shell encrusted bowl for that one. I will draw it when I reach 100 followers, I am only two off so this could be very quick!



Giveaway & Swap - count me in.
I have a perfect little make to make, and will go in search of chartiy kitch! Its a shame boot fairs have yet to get under way....

gill said...

Giveaway please!
Congratulations on nearly reaching 100 followers!

Daisie said...

Giveaway and Swap and happy bloggiversary!! x

Griffin said...

So nice of those squirrels to give that drunk gnome a lift home... Kitsch scares me. I am working on scaring it...!