Saturday, 31 December 2011

Julian the shrimp and a junior knitter

How was it for you then? Was the festive season all you might have wished for? I do hope so. We had a lovely family Christmas break 'up North' and are now home to chill and play with our presents. Speaking of presents do you like Julian? I knitted him from one of my goodie bag books. He was for my now absent friend Claire who seems to be developing a collection of kitsch shellfish and I can do nothing but support her. I will knit up a bit more bonkers food and review the book in good time, when everything calms down a bit more....and when I can pick up knitting needles without a certain little cutie wanting to 'help'.
Anna seems to be taking to the needles like a duck to water, which is tear jerkingly nice. Simon did point out that it wouldn't be long before she was 'better' then me which stung a bit, because I think it's true. Anyway I've been all grown up and ordered her a book for more ideas, which includes finger knitting so I've been playing with that too. Have you ever tried it? It' super easy and nice and tactile.

I realise that I have been less disciplined about blogging since the city and guilds and that there may be considerably less of you out there reading my drivel but I would really love to get back into the blogging swing with a swap. I would like to know who might be up for it. I am thinking that this will be a thrifty kitsch swap, posted in time for Valentines. Four items, one handmade, at least. A real fun one, within the U.K perhaps to keep costs low.
So who's up for it? I strongly suggest you sign up or I may just bomb you with knitted shrimp and glittery flamingos anyway- because the fun's in the giving!


wonderwoman said...

count me in! xxxxxxxxxx

Daisie said...

Lovely shrimp, when I saw you fb status I had all kinds of images running through my mind but he is beautiful!! Yes, include me in the swap, I always like some exciting snail mail! Happy new year! x

trash said...

ooo! A swap? How did I miss this? Yes please.